Graduate School of Human Interaction and Growth

Earlier activities




Location and time


Seminar: "Hvem taler vår sak? Om stipendiatrepresentasjon i styrer og utvalg". With Martin Andersson (FFU).

C12 room 446 10.00-12.00


Seminar: "Hvordan kommer man seg videre innenfor akademia etter endt doktorgrad? Hvordan skaffer du deg et post doc.-stipend?" With Forskningsavdelingen and Robert Murison

C12 room 446 10.00-12.00


Course: " Culture in organizations" with Professor Evert van de Vilert (course description)



Seminar: Preliminary theme is how to present at scientific conferences.

C12 room 446 10.00-12.00


Supervisors' seminar. Visiting Professor Joan Duda will have an introduction to a debate on "Fostering self determination and task involvement among PhD students in an (often and increasingly!) ego-involving and controlling academic life.

Board room. Hemil centre fifth floor


All-day seminar: "Møt pressen - mediatreningskurs med tidligere dagsrevyenjournalist Katrine Adair." Please visit medialoven before attending. Exclusively for GHIG members. Only eight participants. Waiting list will be set up. Registration to Torill Bull before Mars, 14. 0.5 CET.

C13 (Vektertorget) Rom 204


Course: "Statistics on cross-cultural data" with Professor Fons van de Vijver, University of Tilburg (course description)




PhD obligatory course in the design and conduct of research. Registration to Helen Green.



3rd annual GHIG-seminar. The Annual GHIG seminar will take place at Studentsenteret, seminar room E followed by dinner in Knut Fægris Hus, Villaveien 9. Deadline for registration is 27 May.Registration to Wenche Marthinussen. Programme

Studentsenteret. seminar room E


Course: "Cross-cultural psychology" with Professor Shalom Schwartz, Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Deadline for registration is 28 May (course description)

PC-room, Christiegt. 12 0930-1530


20 year anniversary conference for HEMIL-centre



Regular seminar

Room 446 C-12


Course:" Evaluation research: from competing paradigms to mixed methods" with Professor Laurence Moore and Associate Professor Elisabeth Fosse. Deadline for registration is 29 August. Registration to Wenche Marthinussen. ( course description )

Christiesgt. 13, room 276-2 and room 276-3


Regular seminar

Room 446 C-12


Course: "Motivational climate", Professor Joan Duda, University of Birmingham. Deadline for registration is October 9 (Course description). Registration to Wenche Marthinussen.

Christiegt. 13, Room 503


Annual PhD seminar at Solstrand, Psyk.fak. Registration to Helen Green.



Regular seminar

Room 446 C-12


Supervisors' seminar

Christiegt. 13, Board room. Fifth floor 16 - 18


Research Ethics beyond the Research Declarations and Conventions. Course coordinator Professor Gro Th. Lie. Deadline for registration is 20 October. Registration to Wenche Marthinussen. ( course description )

Christiesgt. 13, Room 204. Starts at 10:00 Nov. 10, and at 09:00 the two remaining days.


Regular seminar

Room 446 C-12



6. Dec. Regular seminar

9. Nov. Supervisors' seminar

8. Nov. Regular seminar

1-2 Nov. Annual PhD seminar at Solstrand, Psyk.fak.

4. Oct. Regular seminar

September 5-7: 'Evaluation Research'. Course coordinator: Professor Laurence Moore. Registration to Øystein Steine Larsen at least two weeks before the course starts.

August 23-24: 'Socio-cultural approaches to education and psychology'. Course coordinator: Professor Olga Dysthe. Course programme. Reading list. Registration to Øystein Steine Larsen at least two weeks before the course starts.

June 24-26: Post-satelite symposium: 'Promoting and sustaining physical activity: the interplay between environmental influences, motivational processes, and physical activity'. Course coordinator: Professor Bente Wold. Registration to: Camilla C. Fredriksen before April 25th.

June 14-15: Annual seminar 2007. All PhD candidates and their supervisors in GHIG are invited to our annual seminar. The 2007 seminar includes presentations by two distinguished international researchers: Evert van de Vliert and Jo Salmon. The programme can be found here.

All participants are invited to a party immediately following the seminar. Please register to Fredrik.Hansen@psyhp.uib.no within June 4.

April 12-13: 'Akademisk skriving'. Course coordinator: Associate professor Akylina Samara

March 5-7: 'The study of human change: Quantitative approaches'. Course coordinator: Associate professor Torbjørn Torsheim.

January: GHIG arranged a one-week seminar on Gran Canaria. The theme of the seminar was 'Human Interaction and Growth: the study of social processes of change and
development at individual, organizational and global level'. The programme for the seminar can be found here

October, 2-6: daily seminars mixed methods. Course coordinator Maurice B. Mittelmark.

September, 19: Introductory meeting for mixed method course.

The opening conference was held in Bergen March 9th, 2006, and the first welcome seminar was held June 8th, 2006. The monthly seminar series started in September 2006.