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A short film presenting who we are and what we do
Tuesday November 25th Hans Petter Solli defends the PhD degree at the University of Bergen with the thesis: "The groove of recovery: A qualitative study of how people diagnosed with psychosis experience music therapy".
24th of October Lars Tuastad defends his dissertation about rock's role in correctional services. The Viva Voce will be held at the Grieg Academy, Department of Music, University of Bergen.
The online registration for the autumn course is now open.
Welcome to an interdisciplinary research course at Stord in June 2015. The course is a collaboration between Grieg Research School, NAFOL (Nasjonal forskerskole for lærerutdanning) and Stord/Haugesund University College. The theme is improvisation.
Grieg Research School invites Ph.D. candidates and other researchers to the autumn 2014 course, which this time will focus on methods and methodology.
Kari Holdhus has just finished her Ph.D. project on school concerts. She has been looking at the questions "how do school concerts work", and "what is the quality".
Another GRS seminar is over, and we had 4 interesting and memorable days together in Stavanger, under the title "Communication in Music, Arts, Therapy and Education Practices".
Grieg Research School (GRS) and the University of Stavanger invite PhD candidates and other delegates to a national research seminar in March on the theme Communication.
Grieg Research School (GRS) invites to submission of abstracts for presentation at our November seminar in interdisciplinary music studies. The seminar takes place at the University of Bergen, November 25-28, 2013.