IGSIN course

Course in Integrated Neuroscience (6 ECT's) 2013 - October 28 - November 7

Course information

Teaching language:

English. If all participants and teachers are native Norwegian speakers, part of the course may be presented in a Scandinavian language.


Thirty hours of lectures, demonstrations and/or laboratory work, concentrated over a two week period.

The course will have a problem-oriented focus and students are expected to participate during the whole teaching period. The course is given once a year. Applications should be sent to: vivian.fosse@psybp.uib.no.

Goal: The course is intended to give the students a basic and integrated understanding of the interplay between neurobiological systems and cognition, affect and behaviour. They will also receive an introduction to basic central methods in neuroscience. 

Specific goals:

During the course the students will be introduced to the most important neurobiological systems (neuroanatomical and neurophysiological). They will be introduced to neuromolecular mechanisms and neuropharmacology. Important psychiatric and neuropsychological clinical conditions as well as normal psychological functions will be described and methods for measuring these will be demonstrated.

Student qualification:

The course is obligatory for students accepted by IGSIN. It is expected that students take the course during their first year in the programme. The students at IGSIN will take priority to attend the course. For other applicants relevant qualifications at Master’s level are required. Applicants can have a relevant background in medicine, psychology, biology, information science, linguistics etc.

Student evaluation:

A written essay focused on integrative perspectives on neuro-anatomical, physiological, chemical and psychological aspects of mental diseases and normal behavioral functions.

Recommended literature:

About 400 pages

Programme 2013

Date Time Location Theme Teacher
 28.10.13 0815-0900  seminar room Welcome and presentation og the course  Håkan Sundberg
  0915-1200  seminar room Clinical neuropsychology  Astri Lundervold /Åsa Hammar
  1315-1600 seminar room Demo neuropsychological tests  Astri Lundervold /Åsa Hammar
 29.10.13 0915-1100  seminar room
Neuropsychiatry: Schizofrenia  Erik Johnsen
  1215-1500 seminar room Basic Neurophysiology  Clive Bramham
 30.10.13 09.15-1100  seminar room Psychopharmacogenetics and functional genomics Vidar Steen 
   1015-1200 seminar room  Neurotransmission Jan Haavik 
   1315-1500 seminar room Demo, Gene expression in CNS  Vidar Steen 
 31.11.13 0915-1100 



Neuropsychiatry: Depression  Anders Lund 



 Psychiatric genetics, with focus on schizophrenia and bipolar disorders Vidar Steen 
 01.11.13  0915-1200



Basic Neuroanatomy  Bolec Srebro 
  1315-1600  Dissection room  Dissection of Brain - Demo  Bolec Srebro 
 04.11.13 1015-1200 109  Human el. Physiol: EEG/ERP  Heike Eichele / Helge Nordby
  1315-1500   Demo of in vivo reg in the rat/EEG-ERP, group 1 Clive Bramham/Heike Eichele
  1515-1700    Demo of in vivo reg in the rat/EEG-ERP, group 2 Clive Bramham/Heike Eichele


109  Brain Imaging:fMRI/PET  Karsten Specht 
   1315-1600 109  Neurocognition: learning, attention and executive functions  Kenneth Hugdahl 
 06.11.13 0915-1100  109 Emotion. affect and the brain Håkan Sundberg
  1315-1500 109 The neuroscience of memory Kristiina Kompus
   1530-1630   Demo fMRI Karsten Specht
 07.11.13  1200-1300  109  Lunch & evaluation of the course  Håkan Sundberg


Deadline for delivery of projects: To be decided
Recommended  litterature  
Bear,M.F., Connors,B.W. Paradiso,M.A. (2007). Neuroscience. Exploring the brain. (3ed), Baltimore: Lippincott, Williams and Williams.
Chapters: 1, 5 - 7, 15, 18, 20-25.


Course website: http://watson.uib.no



Registration to: Vivian.Fosse@psybp.uib.no

Deadline for registration is  September 20th 2013.

The list of registered course participants 2013



Iselin Marie Wedding

Siri Weider

Rune Eikeland

Seth Agyei

Magnus Holth

Tone Elise Henriksen

Elisabeth Nesheim

Jan Kurzawski
Lala Gurbanova
Tanja Karic
Tatiana Plushina