Molecular and Computational Biology Research School


Scientific Image Processing

This 3-day course describes the acquisition, processing and analysis of microscopic images for scientific publications. The course is based on and gives an introduction to, the freely available Fiji/Image J software platform and combines lectures and practical training on actual images.


Fluorescence image of a MDCK cyst stained for F-actin (in red), beta-catenin (in green), and nucleic acids (in blue).
Guillaume Charras

The workshop is given by biologist and image analyst Dr. Jan Brocher of BioVoxxel, a consultancy company offering consultancy services and workshops within the field of scientific image processing and analysis.  

The course covers the following main topics:

  • Basics in microspy and imaging
  • Digital images
  • Introduction into the ImageJ/Fiji software
  • Image segmentation
  • Higher dimensional images in Fiji
  • Image annotation/labelling
  • Publication figures
  • Automatic counting and measuring
  • Quantitative intensity analysis
  • Insight into process automation
  • Specific analysis techniques according to participants needs

For a detailed overview of the scope of the course, please see the attached flyer


The course is now full, but registration is still open to applicants with priority:

  • members of the MCB research school and

  • PhD-students



When: Tuesday 21. February - Thursday 23. February

Where: VilVite, Thormølens gate 51

Register here

Registration deadline: 10. February

Credits: 1

The course is designed primarily for PhD students and post docs, but may also be of interest to other researchers or technical staff.  Anyone interested is welcome to join, but members of the MCB research school have first priority, and PhD-students in general have second priority in case there is competition for places.  There are 15 seats available on the course.  You will receive a confirmation of whether or not you have got a place on the course shortly after February 10th.