The MCB Training Programme

The MCB training programme consists of four core modules:

  1. An introductory course to research in molecular and computational biology.
  2. A series of courses and workshops related to the disciplines of MCB.
  3. A science theory, history and ethics course.
  4. A scientific communication module containing a course in science writing, an MCB PhD Forum.

MCB also support student-driven activities, such as the annual Young Scientist's Retreat.

Other places to find courses

You can check the doctoral education pages at the Faculties of Mathematics and Natural Sciences and Medicine and Dentistry respectively, but information on research courses there is still limited.

Ordinary masters level courses can also be used to some extent.  You should check both "Natural sciences and technology" and "Medicine, dental and healath studies" (Upper right menu).

PhD Training at the University of Bergen

For general information regarding the PhD-programme in Bergen, please refer to the University's PhD-webpage

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in Norwegian