Molecular and Computational Biology Research School


MCB will fund or support advanced courses and workshops for PhD students in specific and relevant topics organized by staff at any of the partner institutions. The courses supported/given by MCB will be short, intensive and specialised research courses of 1-2 weeks, thus not competing with ordinary courses running through the semester.

The MCB Board invite all partner faculty to propose specialised courses in all areas of molecular and computational biology for 2013 and 2014 - or even the fall term of 2012.

Submission of course proposals


MCB will select the courses to be funded based on quality and demonstrated need, taking into account course contents, level and format, specific expertise of the supervisors, and innovative and interdisciplinary aspects. Budgetary aspects will also be taken into consideration. Inclusion of international experts as lecturers is encouraged. Course proposals should provide sufficient information to allow evaluation based on these selection criteria.

The courses, in principle, will be open to all qualified research students.  If competition for places, priority will be given to MCB-students. The minimum number of registered participants to give a course should be eight. The maximum number of participants should be indicated.

Courses of 1-2 weeks are encouraged, but also 2-3 day courses may be supported.

For further information: contact@mcb.uib.no or contact your local board member


The budget of a typical Advanced Course will include:

  • course material
  • travel costs and accommodation for teachers/supervisors (indicate realistic costs, seeking cheapest travel fares)
  • subsistence allowance for teachers/supervisors
  • honoraria for teachers/supervisors



Typically, students taking Advanced Courses would earn 2 ECTS for an intensive (full time) 1-week course. Oral presentations, preparation of reports etc. may yield 1 ECTS extra if they imply work before or after the time period scheduled for the course.

Student info

As soon as possible after course selection, course organisers will send to the MCB secretariat more detailed information to include in the call for students’ applications:

  • background requirements (courses / experience; reading list)
  • course schedule – when available

This information will be made available from the MCB website, together with the application form for students. The student’s application form may include information on:

  • basic personal information (name, birth date, etc.)
  • studies performance (degree pursuing, expected date of thesis defence (or similar) university, career interests, courses taken, degrees)
  • title and short description of the student’s thesis with an indication of degree of accomplishment
  • separate letter from student’s advisor
  • other information that course organisers find relevant (to be included in application form upon request)

Selection of student applications will be done by the course organisers. Before course start, the course organisers will send to the MCB secretariat the list of students applying for the course and the list of students selected.

Upon course completion, students will fill a student evaluation form, which should be made available to the MCB secretariat after the course.


Financial support
MCB will provide funding, normally limited upwards to 50.000 NOK. 
For high quality courses with international lecturers, more support may be granted. Course proposers are encouraged to seek additional funding for their courses. 

Administrative support
The MCB coordinator may provide administrative and practical help to the course organiser if desired. 

Activity report

Following course completion, the course organiser should provide an Activity Report including the following information:

  • Course title and organiser
  • Course schedule with summary of activities
  • Lecturers actually involved
  • Students actually attending the course and their affiliation
  • Overview of course accounts
  • Comments and recommendations





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