The DNA Sequencing Lab is a self-sufficient UoB facility housed in and administrated by MBI.

The sequencing facility offers DNA sequencing and fragment analysis for users from the University of Bergen, Haukeland University Hospital and several external institutes, companies and independent research groups.

The facility hours for telephone calls, advice and BigDye collection are between 10 am and 14 pm.

Please note that Seqlab reduce its opening hours to four days a week, and will from not perform runs on Wednesdays.


We have set up a mailinglist for the users of the DNA Sequencing Lab. To join, CLICK HERE.

You will find us on the 4th floor of the BIO-building, Høyteknologisenteret i Bergen (HIB). Turn left after entering HIB main entrance. Enter the corridor left of the canteen, and keep going until you reach the elevator in the back of the building. Take elevator or stairs up to fourth floor.



Samples can be sent to

Sequencing Facility , MBI
University of Bergen
Thormølensgate 55
5008 Bergen, Norway


Attention: if sending through "normal" mail, use the following address:


Universitetet i Bergen

Molekylærbiologisk institutt

Pb. 7803, Merk: Sekvenslaben

N-5020 Bergen

Tel: +47 555 84364