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Enjoy Norwegian nature

Students in Bergen live close to nature. Make sure to enjoy it and be safe at the same time.

Semester Startup

New Student

Welcome to the University of Bergen! This is what you need to know during your first weeks as a UiB student.


Master’s degree pays off

Students who complete a master's degree find it easier to find work and are more satisfied in their jobs.


Choose digital mailbox

All important letters from the University of Bergen directly to your digital mailbox.

Bulletin Board

Do you have a message or event you want other students to know about? Do you have any feedback on the content of this page? Contact us!

Security centre at UiB: +47 55 58 80 81 (staffed 24-hours a day)

If there is a risk to life, health or safety, you must always first notify the fire brigade (110), police (112) and ambulance services (113)

Safety at University of Bergen