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Exam dates for the Faculty of art, music and design autumn 2017

You are obliged to know this information!

Candidates must present themselves at the location by 08:45 AM.

  • The candidate must control the quality of the writing on the yellow copy of the exam paper, it must be readable. The writing must be done with a biro, either blue or black. Any other pen or pencil is not allowed due to the poor quality of the writing on the yellow copy. The candidate is responsible for making the handwriting readable. If it is not possible to read the written exam paper because of the quality of the hand writing, or the use of an unauthorized pen, the candidate may risk not receiving an examination result.
  • The students are responsible to make sure they do not sign up for subjects with coinciding examination days.
  • The location is published as latest 14 days ahead of the examination day. You will find a short presentation about the various locations on this website: examination locations
  • Before attending your examinations, please read the: Instructions to the candidates
  • Regulations concerning examinations at the University of Bergen and other relevant information are given on the International Students’Portal.
  • Deadline for cancelling your exam is 14 days ahead of the examination day.
  • Your examination results are available on "StudentWeb".