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Speak up about the learning environment

We want to offer students a safe and attractive learning environment, and are dependent on praise and criticism from you to be better. Let us know when you are satisfied, or when you think something needs to be improved. In particular, we ask that you let us know about situations that are serious and worthy of criticism.

When it is serious

Trafikklys med rødt signal
Speak out about occurrences of a harmful, dangerous, unethical or criminal nature. Some examples could be pollution, research fraud, corruption, bullying, intimidation, or sexual harassment. You can report these in writing on the online form or speak to the contact person in the faculty’s learning environment. What you should know before you report an incident. If you been exposed to injury or dangerous accidents you should notify your immediate manager or the contact person in the learning environment, who shall take care of you and report the incident. Alternatively, you can report the incident here.

Log into FEIDE's website to report any critical incidents

When something needs to be improved

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Speak out about the negative aspects of your physical or social learning environment. This could be, for example, an exclusionary environment, lack of social care initiatives or disruptive behaviour. As a rule you should try to resolve the issue in the first instance in cooperation with the student union representatives and the contact person in the faculty learning community.

Undesirable events and/or situations that have caused, or could result in, harm to people, the environment and property, should be reported in the HSE portal Defects and deficiencies in rooms or buildings shall be reported to Lydia. Appeals against decisions shall be sent to the Central Appeals Committee.

NB! If you are unsure of the severity of the case, or provide personal information, report the matter as a 'red' case.

Select within the form items which should be improved

When you are satisfied

Trafikklys med grønt signal
What inspires you? What do you want to see more of in your learning environment? Your feedback can result in a good initiative being carried forward, and thus be of benefit to more students. Speak out directly to the person involved, the contact in the learning environment, student union representatives or via the online form. Give a tip to your faculty about a study environment or a person that you think deserves to win the education prize.

Select within the form items which you are satisfied with