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New International Students

New international students, please be aware:
Answers and services mentioned in the other categories of this FAQ may not be available or relevant for you until you have finished the Welcome Programme (or semester registration if you arrive after this).

I have arrived before semester startup, what should I do?
You should get settled in your new home and explore the city.

Where can I access the Internet?

With a UiB user account:

  • Your own device: Eduroam is UiB’s wireless Internet. To log on, you can use your UiB user account.
  • UiB computer: All faculties and libraries have computer rooms

Before you get a UiB user account: 

  • Sammen Housing offers free broadband from Get in all their student hostels.
  • There are six computers available on the ground floor at the Student Centre
  • If you have a Norwegian mobile number, use the “uib-guest” network. Enter your Norwegian mobile number, and a password will be sent to you.
  • If you are using Eduroam at your home university, you will also have Internet access through Eduroam at the UiB campus. Once your UiB user account is activated, you may use this to log on.

When can I register for the semester and open a user account?
You can register and open a user account from early August, when you will receive an e-mail with your UiB registration numbers and information. At the Welcome Programme you will be guided through the process and other formalities in the programme, so attend all the events.

I have questions about the semester fee, student card, UiB user account, and other UiB formalities. Who can I ask?
Read the rest of the FAQ and check out our website for new students.

Most (hopefully all) of your questions will be addressed during the Welcome Programme. On day 1 you will receive a lot of practical information in the Opening Session, and if you still have questions, student advisors from the faculties and staff from the Division of Student Affairs will be available and ready to assist you in the stand area for the rest of the day.

If you have urgent questions, contact your Faculty Information Centre or the International Centre UiB at the Student Centre (campus map index no. 14).

I’m an exchange student. Where can I get my confirmation of arrival and/or Learning agreement signed?

Please have a look at our information about Arrival forms and Learning Agreements on our website. 

I want to change one or more of my courses, what should I do?
Participate in the Welcome Programme. Staff from all the faculties will be available for questions regarding choice of courses and more from day 1 in the programme. Please consult the study advisor at your department/faculty after this. More information is also available on our website about courses.

What are the opening hours of the International Centre UiB?
Please refer to the information webpage of the International Centre UiB.

Information and Counselling

Where is the UiB campus?
The University of Bergen campus is spread across the city centre and neighbouring areas.

Where is the Information Centre?
Each faculty has its own Faculty Information Centre. Several administrative services are also available online at the Student Pages. For general campus guidance and assistance in using online services, please visit the International Centre UiB during semester startup.

I need counselling or guidance. Where can I go?
There are several guidance- and counselling services available for students. They are run (amongst others) by UiB, Sammen and volunteer student organisations.

Printing, Transcript of Records and Diplomas

I need to print. Where can I do this on campus?
A large number of network printers are available in reading rooms and libraries throughout the university. You can use them by logging in to any UiB computer and printing to Pullprint. You can also connect your computer to UiB print services at home online using VPN.

How do I add money my student card so that I can use print services?
All students are required to pay for their prints and copies. You can add money to your student card online or you can purchase an anonymous SpendOn card. Read more on the pages for PayPrint

What is the difference between a Transcript of Records and a Diploma?
A Transcript of Records is a complete overview of all exams that you have passed at UiB. A Diploma is a proof of a degree that you have attained and will only contain the exams included in your degree.

How can I get a Transcript of Records?
You can order a Transcript of Records online.

How many Transcripts of Records can I order?
You can order as many transcripts as you want on Studentweb, but there is one limitation: When you have ordered a Transcript of Records, it will take 7 days before you can order a new one. If you need more than one at once, you have to get certified copies.

How can I get a certified copy?
If you need certified copies, you must contact a copy shop, for instance Kopibutikken in Christies gate. Students at the Faculty of Medicine, the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences can visit their Faculty Information Centre to have certified copies made.

How do I order a Diploma?
Your Diploma will only be produced once. If your faculty does not produce Diplomas automatically after your degree programme is finished, you can order one online.

Classes and Registration

Are classes mandatory?
Some classes in some programmes have mandatory attendance, but this varies. To find out more, please contact your Faculty Information Centre.

When can I register for the semester?
Studentweb opens for Semester registrations from Monday week 25 for registration for the autumn semester and Monday week 50 for registration for the spring semester.

When is the semester registration deadline?
The deadline to register for the semester, ie. confirm the education plan, sign up for exams and classes on Studentweb and pay the semester fee (if applicable), is 1 September in the autumn semester and 1 February in the spring semester.

Some courses may have earlier deadlines, such as the Norwegian language courses and many courses at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. More information will be provided on day 1 of the Welcome Programme.

Tuition and Student Welfare

I thought tuition was free in Norway, why the semester fee?
The public institutions of higher education in Norway do not charge tuition fees, but students pay a semester fee to the local student welfare organisation, in Bergen this is the Student Welfare Organisation (Sammen). The students will then automatically become members of Sammen and can benefit from their services.

What kind of welfare services am I entitled to as a student at UiB?
A range of welfare services are offered to members of the Student Welfare Organisation in Bergen (Sammen).

Can I pay the semester fee in cash?
No, the semester fee must be paid through a bank or in a post office.

I did not pay the semester fee within the deadline. What can I do?
If you did not pay the semester fee and confirmed your education plan on Studentweb within the deadline,your student status at UiB can be withdrawn. Contact your Faculty Information Centre as soon as possible.

I paid the semester fee, but the payment has not been registered on Studentweb. Why is that? If you used the wrong KID-number, this will normally be detected after a while as long as you paid to the correct bank account number. If the problem persists, you should contact the Division of Student Affairs according to certain procedures. If you pay from abroad it may take up to three weeks before the payment is registered on Studentweb.

Student ID

How can I prove that I'm a student?
To prove that you are a student you must download UiB's digital Student ID App. Everyone who gives student discounts accepts the Student ID app. This is the student's receipt for registration and payment at UiB.

How can I prove that I am a student before I have downloaded the app?
If you are a new student you can use your Letter of Acceptance from UiB together with a valid ID card (eg. passport) or Student card. This option is only valid up to the registration deadline 1 September/ 1 February.

If you were a student in the previous semester, you can use the student card together with your old semester sticker (or semester card) until the deadline for the semester registration.

What is the difference between the Student ID App, student card?
The student card has a photo of the student and personal information, is valid as a student identity card and also has other functions.

The Student ID App functions as a semester receipt and student ID  (if it shows your picture) and you can download it any time. When you have completed the semester registration and paid the semester fee (if applicable) it is valid.

I have lost my student card. How do I get a new one?
Contact the Card Centre regarding lost or defect student cards.

I do not have a smart phone
If you do not have a smart phone and therefore do not have the option to use the Student ID app, see Student ID App for an alternative option.