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Special Arrangements for Examinations

The purpose of special arrangements is to compensate for the disadvantages the impaired functional capacity entails, while at the same time ensuring that students are tested in as similar a manner as possible.

Application Deadline

The application deadline is the 1st of february for the spring semester and the 1st of september for the fall semester.

We encourage you to apply as early as possible. You can send the documentation later, but no later than two weeks befor the first exam.

For acute illnesses that have arisen after the deadline has expired, or if there are other special circumstances, exemptions can be made regarding the deadline. 


Who can Apply

If you have an illness or other needs that cause significant disadvantages in the examination situation compared to other students, you can apply for special arrangements at examinations.

You can also apply for special arrangements at examinations if you have an acute injury or illness.

What You Can Apply for

  • Extended time for the examination if your needs mean that you work at a slow pace. Usually an extra 30 minutes are given for examinations lasting up to four hours, and 1 hour is added to examinations that last longer than 4 hours.
  • Extended time to rest or move during examinations.
  • Extended time to breastfeed.
  • The option of writing without carbon copies and with a pencil or marker.
  • Various aids such as an adjustable chair, a computer, Dictaphone, reading lamp, writing help/secretary and a sign-language interpreter. You are responsible for ensuring that you have the skills to use the equipment provided. 
  • To write by hand at digital exams.
  • Having the exam paper read aloud.
  • Individual room. Access to a daybed.
  • An alternative form of examination. Under special circumstances, you can apply for an alternative form of examination. "Alternative form of examination" means for example having an oral examination instead of a written examination (or the other way around), a take-home examination instead of a written examination, or a written examination divided into multiple days. The academic communities, i.e. the departments, determine whether it is possible to grant an alternative form of examination. It must be academically feasable and equivalent to an ordinary examination. Please note that oral examinations are rarely found equivalent to written examinations.


How to Apply

Apply by filling out our online form.

You only need to submit one application even if you have examinations at multiple faculties. You must list all the examinations where you require special arrangements.


Each time you apply you must enclose documentation of your needs, which means a medical certificate, a dyslexia certificate or a psychologist's certificate. Exceptions to this requirement may in some cases be made for chronic illnesses. You must comply with the application deadline, but you can submit the documentation later.

Dyslexic students must obtain new documentation when they enrol at the University of Bergen. Until the new documentation is available, the application for special arrangements in examinations will be processed based on documentation from primary and secondary school. Students who need new documentation of their dyslexia can contact the Service for students with an impaired functional capacity.