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Quota students

Information for Quota Students at the University of Bergen

Here you will find relevant information for admitted international PhD and master students financed by the Quota Scheme. The Norwegian Quota Scheme has been discontinued and there will no new admissions for the Quota Scheme in the future.

Finances for Quota Students

The Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund (Statens Lånekasse) is responsible for managing the financial support provided for Quota students.

Students financed by the Quota scheme receive the same amount of money as Norwegian students in an equivalent educational programme. About 30 per cent of the amount is given as a grant and 70 per cent as a loan. However, the loan portion is waived when the student returns to his/her home country after completing the course of study.

Support for the academic year 2017/2018 (10 months)*: NOK 106.340,- The support period is from 15 August till 14 June.

*PhD students receive support for 12 months.

If the student permanently settles in his/her home country after completing the degree, the loan will be waived after one year. However, If the student takes residency in another country, he/she must repay the loan on the same conditions as Norwegian citizens.

Additional support for the travel costs, based on standard fixed sums:

  • Support for travel from the student's home country to Norway (one way).
  • Support for one travel to home country during the master's programme (return ticket).
  • Support for return to home country after completed degree (one way).

PhD students may get support for 2 return trips during field work.

For more information visit the website of Lånekassen.

Rules for the Quota Scheme 2016/2017 are also available at the website of Lånekassen.

Online application

Go to the online application form, remember that you have to log in with MinID codes. The University of Bergen will confirm that you have been accepted at the Quota Program.

Field Work

Field work

Field work must be carried out in the student's own home country and must always be applied for in advance. Applications for field work must be submitted to The Division of Student Affairs at least six weeks before planned departure. Please observe this deadline. If the deadline is not met support cannot be issued before departure. Completed applications will be checked and forwarded directly to the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund (Lånekassen) by the Quota programme representative at the University of Bergen.

Students admitted to PhD programme after completing a two-year Master's degree financed by the Quota scheme, can only receive further support if field work of at least one year's duration is included as an integrated and compulsory part of doctoral project.

The support given will cover the minimum air fare for a return ticket as well as normal support for the period, including summer months when these are spent on fieldwork. Support will not be given for additional expenses during fieldwork - this must be applied for from the faculty or the department.

Required documentation:

  • Signed application letter with the student’s customer number at the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund (Lånekassen), place for fieldwork, and the planned departure and return dates.
  • Signed statement from supervisor, confirming necessity, purpose and length of fieldwork. Please note that your supervisor must confirm the dates for fieldwork.
  • Confirmation of booking, price and travel schedule from a recognised travel agency.
  • Completed Travel Claim Form (Q-form).

Incomplete applications, or applications with insufficient documentation, will be returned or rejected.

PLEASE NOTE: According to the Lånekassen regulations § 8-6, support for summer months can only be granted if Quota Students must complete field work during the summer months, because they follow mandatory teaching during the regular academic year.


Annual travel home 

You may receive support for one visit home a year if your education in Norway has lasted for at least one year.

Support is not given beyond the standard sum ('one minimum return fare'), which is approved by the Ministry of Education and Research, and which is specified for each country. The standard sum is based on what is considered the cheapest student air fare between the capital of the student's home country and Bergen.The sum is NOT intended to cover all the actual costs of the individual ticket.

Required documentation:

  • a signed letter giving the reason for travel
  • confirmation of booking, price and travel schedule from a recognised travel agency
  • completed Travel Claim Form (Q-form).

Applications for travel support must be submitted to the Student Services at least 6 weeks before planned departure. Applications submitted less than 4 weeks before departure will not be processed in time for the money to be issued before the travel takes place.

It should be noted that travel funds for home visit during the summer are not given when a student has received or will receive travel support for field work within the same year.

Incomplete applications, or applications with insufficient documentation, will be returned or rejected.

Travel support upon completion of programme                              

Quota students are entitled to a travel grant after completion of their degree. The grant will cover expenses for a one-way ticket from Norway to home country.

Please note that if a student stays in Norway for more than 3 months after completion of programme, no travel support for repatriation will be given.

Required documentation:

  • a signed letter giving the reason for travel
  • confirmation of booking, price and travel schedule from a recognised travel agency
  • completed Travel Claim Form (Q-form).

Extension/Renewal of Residence permit 

Extention/Renewal of residence permit                       

Applications for renewal (extension) of residence permit must be registered online at least 1 month before expiry of the present permit. You can register your application independent of opening hours, pay the application fee electronically and make an appointment to deliver relevant documents to the Hordaland Police without having to wait in line. Please note that the application is formally registered when you submit your passport with relevant supporting documentation. A complete application makes processing faster and easier.

For more information see: Application Portal of the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI): https://selfservice.udi.no/

The University of Bergen organisation number is: 874 789 542

Please note that extension is normally given for one year, or to the planned date for termination of studies if less than one year. Residence permits are not extended beyond the expiry date of the candidate's passport.

Required documentation:

  • Valid passport
  • A study progress report issued by the Student Services must be submitted with the application, including a statement regarding part-time work
  • Documentation for financing and housing
  • Fee NOK 3200 for renewal of residence permit (can be paid online)

Students who are leaving in the middle of a semester for fieldwork of less than 6 months duration should apply for renewal of their residence permit before leaving Bergen.

The immigration authorities do not grant a residence permit for the period of field work before leaving Norway if it has a duration of more than 6 months. The present permit will in that case be valid until departure. You need to submit a new application (from abroad) when you are to return to Norway in order to complete your studies.

If the student depends on the extension being issued before leaving Norway, a processing period of up to 6-8 weeks, or more should be expected, but much longer than this if the student is delayed in studies or if there are other irregularities. Under regular conditions, the local Immigration Office grants the extensions, otherwise the papers are sent to the Directorate of Immigration (UDI) in Oslo for processing.

For more information see the UDI website.

Work Permit

Part-time work 

When you are granted your first-time residence permit as a student you are normally also granted a part-time work permit automatically. This permit allows you to work up to 20 hours per week during the semester and full-time during ordinary holidays. The permit is not specified with respect to the type of employment and it is permitted to have several employers. You don’t need to document that you have a work contract.

You don’t have to pay a separate fee for the part-time work permit.

Work permit renewal  

When you apply for a renewal of the residence permit, the work permit is not automatically renewed.To get your work permit renewed, you need to submit a statement from the University with your application. This statement should assess whether part-time work will interfere with the progress of your studies. The reason for this is that the studies, and not the work, should be the main aim of your residence in Norway. Students must order their study progress report/confirmation of student status from the Division of Student Affairs well in advance of the application deadline. All reports will normally be issued and sent to the student within two weeks.

Please note that:

  • If the proposed employment will conflict with studies, recommendation will not be given
  • recommendation may be refused if students are considerably delayed in their studies

Please note that the confirmation of student status must be ordered online:

Confirmation of Student Status

 Family Reunification

Family reunification

A satisfactory study progress for the first year of studies is required  before a recommendation for family reunification can be issued.

Please note that family reunification is a private matter between the student and the Immigrations Office (UDI). The University of Bergen cannot interfere with UDI decision.

For more information about family immigration see the UDI website

Confirmation of Student Status/ Progress Report/ Visa

Confirmation of student status/Progress report  

A confirmation of student status/progress report can be issued to confirm your registration status/study progress at the University of Bergen.

Students must order their confirmation/study progress reports online well in advance.  The report will be issued and sent to the student by post within two weeks. Please note that it might take additional time during holidays or busy periods. Please observe deadlines!!

Application for visa to countries outside the Schengen Area                        

All applications for visa to visit other countries, whether for transit, excursion or vacation purposes, must be accompanied by a student status report. Some embassies insist that the residence permit must be valid for 3 – 6 months after the scheduled visit.

It is therefore of vital importance that deadlines are observed, and that reports or statements are ordered well in advance. All report will normally be issued and sent to the student within two weeks

Student status confirmation for family reunification purpose, will not be issue during the first semester of studies.

Please note that confirmations will not be issue during July due to summer holidays.

Confirmation of Student Status

Please note - students may only request reports/confirmations for themselves; requests on behalf of other students will not be accepted.

Delays and Extension of Student Status

Delays and extension of student status

The normal study programme of a master's degree lasts 4 semesters, and students are expected to complete their degree by the end of the 4th semester. For doctoral candidates, the normal study plan covers 6 semesters (in addition to the semesters spent on master's degree studies, if a transfer has taken place). However, if a student proves unable for academic or personal reasons to finish within this deadline, extension of student status and support for one or two additional semesters may be applied for.

These applications must be supported by the department and the faculty and submitted to the Division of Student Affairs for further action.

Delays beyond two semesters will not be accepted. The maximum delay allowed in a three-year doctoral programme is the same as for a master's programme, i.e. 2 semesters. Support from the Quota scheme cannot exceed beyond two semesters no matter what is the reason for the delay.

Procedures and deadlines:

The department must inform the faculty about who will be delayed, and the faculty will then report the names of these students to the Student Services. This report should be submitted as early as possible and not later than the below given deadlines:

  •      1 April for the autumn semester
  •      1 October for the spring semester

Delay and summer support to complete master degree:

According to Lånekassen regulations, summer support is mainly for students  who are in the final stage of their degree and  will complete it  within the summer months.

However , if the student do not manage to complete their degree within summer and require and extension beyond the next academic year, the summer support must be deducted from the regular support.

Leaving Norway

When you are leaving Norway, you should remember to:

  • cancel your housing contract according to terms and conditions given in the contract.
  • notify the National Registry
  • notify your local post office and leave a forwarding address
  • terminate your bank account if applicable
  • have your termination of studies document stamped and signed
  • order your transcript of records at the StudentWeb
  • order your Diploma at your faculty (if you have obtained a full degree)

Cancellation of debt

You must apply for cancellation of your debt when you have lived continuously for at least 12 months in your home country and are still a resident there.

You will receive a letter (in English) from the Loan Fund to your home address. Make sure that the Loan Fund has your correct address and that you answer the Loan Fund within their deadline.

Required documentation:

  • An official statement either from your employer or other authorities saying that you have a permanent residence in your home country for at least one year, after you completed your degree in Norway. 

Information about cancellation of debt