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Checklist for new international students

As a new international student at UiB, you will need to complete compulsory registrations and other formalities during the first weeks of the semester.

Semester Registration

Studentweb is the students’ online registration service. All students must register on Studentweb at the beginning of each semester and this is also where you register for classes and exams.


Student Category:All students
Where: Studentweb
When: Deadline 1 September/ 1 February.  For exceptions, see below.
Documentation: UiB registration codes


Important deadlines in the spring semester

Registration deadline1 February
*Norwegian Language Courses – beginner’s level: NOR-U01, NOR-U1, NOR-U1/212 January
*Norwegian Language Courses – level 2 or higher: NOR-U2, NOR-U2/3, NOR-U3Individual deadline
Some courses at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences12 January
*Only for students with granted admission.

Log on to Studentweb
The first time you log on at studentweb.uib.no, you must choose Norwegian ID number and PIN and use your UiB registration no. (or Norwegian ID no. if you have one) and your PIN.

  • UiB Registration number: Required to log on to StudentWeb and to open a user account.
  • Student number: Required to open a user account, and also serves as a candidate number when sitting for examinations.
  • PIN: Required to log on to the StudentWeb and to open a user account.

When you have opened a UiB user account, you can choose to log on with your username and personal password instead using Feide.

Registration assistance
Visit the Information Centre at your faculty or the Semester Startup Help Desk and we are happy to help if you have any queries.