Master's Programme in Music Performance or Composition


Objectives and content

The master degree in music performance or composition is intended for instrumentalists, singers and composers, working within the classical genre. The course enables the students to further develop their artistic identity and individuality, and also increase their ability to reflect upon their own work. The student will be given the opportunity to specialize in one or more topics relevant to his/her own performance or creative interests. Through oral and written expression, the student will become more aware of artistic issues to support his/her artistic practise.

Throughout the course, the students will be given individual tutorials to aid their performance/composition work and research tasks, as well as participation in group seminars and group projects. The master programme benefits from a rich international environment and English is used as instruction language in some group seminars. In addition to the university's own highly qualified staff, national and international guests are invited to hold seminars and master classes.


Career opportunities

With a master degree from The Grieg Academy you are qualified to work as a freelance composer or performer, regional, orchestral or church musician, lecturer at universities/ university colleges, high schools and other educational institutions. You may also qualify for work in various voluntary music and cultural organisations.

What you Learn

Required Learning Outcomes

A graduate with a master degree in music performance or composition should be able to:

  • Realize and disseminate his/her own artistic intentions with a clear independent expression.
  • Show independence when faced with difficult artistic issues, and by initiating, directing and completing various projects.
  • Analyse and evaluate issues within musical history, traditions, style and aesthetics, as well as music's role in culture and society.
  • Use his/her gained knowledge to expand his/her own musical perspective and implement his/her own artistic development.
  • Analyse and critically engage with his/her own artistic development and research, and use it in his/her own work.
  • Take part in the development and renewal of music and the music scene.
  • Articulate and discuss musical issues with both his/her peers and non-musicians/laymen/the audience in a critically reflective manner.
  • Have insight in ethical issues found in his/her artistic development and research, and work within current ethical norms.

Study Period Abroad

Study period abroad

MA students at The Grieg Academy have the opportunity to have an exchange period at a foreign institution. The exchange normally takes place in the 3rd semester of the students' degree. The students can apply for financial support if the work is related to their MUV352, MUV351 work.

How to Apply

Admission Requirements

The course is intended as a continuation of a bachelor degree (or Cand. Mag. Degree) in music performance or composition respectively.

Individual entrance auditions are held during the spring semester. Admission is based on:


1. Documentation of previously rehearsed repertoire, including chamber music.

2. 45 min. practical audition with a self-chosen repertoire, which must be specified in the application


1. A pre-sent excessive portfolio including written works/scores, recordings and a CV of the applicant's previous education and relevant experience. The portfolio should include at least 45 min.worth of previously composed material. The material is expected to be of a high professional and artistic quality, and the applicant should also describe in which context/s the music was created in and intended for.

2. A personal statement elaborating on the applicant's own motivation for applying should be attached to the application. The statement should include a description of how the applicant intends to discuss and present his/her own aesthetic expression, and what aspirations he/she have for his/her own professional development. Additional tasks might be given if the admissions board finds it necessary/relevant in relation to the portfolio and/or personal statement. The applicant will be informed well in advance if this situation should become relevant.

Both performance and composition:

3. The applicant should be prepared to have an in-depth personal interview with the admissions board on the day of the audition.

International applicants:

Applicants who do not speak and/or read Norwegian, Danish or Swedish, is required to document sufficient English language skills in accordance with UiB's language requirements. For more information please refer to: www.uib.no/en/education/49142/english-language-requirementswww.uib.no/en/education/49142/english-language-requirements


International applicants who are unable to attend the auditions and/or interview, are required to send a DVD of a recent unedited high quality video recording of the 45 min. practical audition to the admissions board. The admissions board will conduct the interview by telephone.

Programme structure

Master's Programme in Music Performance or Composition (krav 120 SP)
Dicipline (krav 120 SP)
Dicipline: Music Performance (krav 120 SP)
Mandatory course
Course codeCourse titleSPSR
MUV301Project Work I151–41
MUV310Concert Performance I151–41
MUV302Project Work II151–42
MUV311Concert Performance II151–42
MUV351Master's Project201–43
MUV352Master Exam in Performance or Composition401–43
Dicipline: Composition (krav 120 SP)
Mandatory course
Course codeCourse titleSPSR
MUV301Project Work I151–41
MUV315Specialized Subject I for Composers151–41
MUV302Project Work II151–42
MUV316Specialized Subject II for Composers151–42
MUV351Master's Project201–43
MUV352Master Exam in Performance or Composition401–43
Dicipline: Nordic Folk Music (krav 120 SP)
Mandatory course
Course codeCourse titleSPSR
SP = ECTS credits, S = Semester, R = Recommended semester