• Years2 years
  • Study startAutumn and spring
  • ECTS credits120


Programme profile

The Master program in visualization is organized as a logical sequence of courses. This implies that advanced courses are building upon basic courses, the universal knowledge in visualization will be profiled more specifically according to candidate´s preferences.

A prerequisite in this Master program is INF 251 Computer Graphics (http://www.ii.uib.no/vis/teaching/graphics/). It provides the technical basis for studying visualization in-depth. Students get familiar with 3D computer graphics, graphics data representation, graphics hardware, and the overall graphics pipeline. This course is an essential prerequisite for further courses in the visualization curriculum. The normal situation would be that INF 251 is taken already in the Bachelor program so as to be ready for visualization in the beginning of the Master program (students who did not take INF 251 during their Bachelor studies are able to enter the Master in Visualization studies even though this is considered suboptimal).

The INF 252 Visualization (http://www.ii.uib.no/vis/teaching/visualization/) course is the central course in the visualization curriculum. This course covers perceptual aspects of human vision, principles of transforming the digital data into knowledge through computer graphics and interaction. The course covers a broad spectrum of visualization techniques that are based on the character of the digital information that is to be transformed to user´s understanding. The normal program would assume the INF 252 course to be taken in the first semester of the Master program.

To gain in-depth experience with developing a visualization solution, the INF 219 Individual Project (http://www.ii.uib.no/vis/teaching/vis-project/) is an important part of this Master program, too. Students implement a visualization solution, tightly coached by the staff of the department. Another important course in the curriculum of visualization is the INF 358 Seminar in Visualization (http://www.ii.uib.no/vis/teaching/vis-seminar/). Students get in close touch with the style of scientific work. Scientific literature has to be considered, own work has to be done and documented in written form as well as presented in form of a talk.

In succession of the base course in visualization, a special course INF 359 Selected Topics in Visualization (http://www.ii.uib.no/vis/teaching/vis-special/) is offered in the course of this Master program. Advanced topics in visualization which extend the basics taught in INF 252, also in tight relation to the current research work at the institute, are presented and discussed.

The Master in Visualization program at the Department of Informatics is currently under development (it´s a new program). We expect an adaptation/extension of this program to happen during the next years.

The Degree

The master's programme leads to the degree Master of Science in Informatics. It is a two year programme (120 ECTS credits).


Programme structure

The study plan consists of two important components: courses and the master thesis. The overall workload constitutes 120 study points (ECTS).

The standard plan for this Master¿s program is as follows (note that for this standard plan, it is assumed that INF250 was taken during the Bachelor studies):

1. semester autumn: INF234, INF252, INF358

2. semester spring: INF319, Elective course, Thesis

3. semester autumn: Elective course, Thesis

4. semester spring: Thesis

Students who completed INF252 during their Bachelor studies, should take INF319 in the 1. semester.

Students who did not previously complete INF319, must take INF319 in the 3. semester.

Master's Programme in Informatics (krav 120 SP)
When you apply to the master's programme you can prioritize the different specializations
Visualization (krav 60 SP)
Compulsory subject (krav 50 SP)
Mandatory course
Course codeCourse titleSPSR
INF251Computer Graphics101–41
INF358Seminar in Visualization101–41
INF319Project in informatics II101–42
Optional subject (krav 10 SP)
Master thesis (krav 60 SP)
Mandatory course
Course codeCourse titleSPSR
INF399Master's Thesis in Informatics603
Optional subjects at Høgskolen i Bergen
Elective course
Avansert programvareteknologi (HiB)
Moderne systemutviklingsmetoder (HiB)
Agentteknologier (HiB)
Utvalgte emner i programvareutvikling (HiB)
Modell-basert programvareutvikling (HiB)
SP = ECTS credits, S = Semester, R = Recommended semester

How to Apply

Application procedure

See this link for information about application and admission procedures

Admission Requirements

A first degree (bachelor's degree) of three or four years duration from an approved institution of higher education, as well as proficiency in the English language. The strictly required prerequisite is an education corresponding to a Norwegian Bachelor degree in informatics or computer science. Profound skills in programming in at least one programming language are expected. Interests in other science domains or industrial areas are very welcome.

 Your bachelor's degree must as a minimum include courses equalling 20 ECTS of mathematics and 60 ECTS of informatics.

Who may apply

Students with a Norwegian ID-number and a Bachelor's Degree in Informatics / Computer Science may apply for this programme. The application is submitted online at Søknadsweb. Applicants with a Bachelor's Degree in other fields of study, will also be assessed if their degree includes at least 20 ECTS in mathematics and 60 ECTS in informatics . The average grade of the bachelor's degree has to be at least 2nd class, upper division/B.


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