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Research in Public Administration has shifted towards internationalization
Postdoctoral fellow Anna Szolucha's research explores the intersections of energy and society, especially the role of unconventional natural resources and renewable energy. Read more about her project here.
Vegard Jarness has recently published the article “Viewpoints and Points of View: Situating Symbolic Boundary Drawing in Social Space” in the journal European Societies.
‘Saktuelt’ provides a forum for political scientists to grapple with topics in the news.
The economist Katrine Vellesen Løken has been awarded the prestigious Starting Grant from the European Research Council.
Maurizio Ferrera tackles EU integration in annual Rokkan Lecture.
Associate Professor Iselin Åsedotter Strønen's new monograph "Grassroots Politics and Oil Culture. The Revolutionary Petro-State" offers an in-depth understanding of grassroots struggles, state transformations and social change during the Chávez-years in Venezuela.
Centre for climate and energy transition is moving into new offices in the 6th floor of the Faculty of Social Sciences
With inspiration from international networks, CET has now launched a new project that especially focuses on students and interdisciplinarity, all in an exploratory environment.
The University of Bergen has now announced a new position as Energy Director, where an overall responsibility for managing the interdisciplinary focus area on climate and energy conversion will be the candidate's main task.
Members of the Egalitarianism Project gathered at the Barony of Rosendal in Hardanger, 21.-24. August.
American legal experts and Bergen scholars share perspectives on court structures, practices and trends.
Professor Marit Skivenes has received 10 million Norwegian kroner from the Research Council of Norway for her research on child care. The new grant is part of her new research centre, which will bring together world-class researchers in the field of law, child protection and children's rights.
On Monday 21 August, the fourth Bergen Exchanges conference opened with a special focus on legislation as a catalyst for social change regarding gender and sexuality.
Professor Bjørn Enge Bertelsen's research revolves around how political, social and cultural orders are expressed in changing cities. Read more about his project here.
Sait Matty Jaw, who completed his master’s degree this year, held the Student Graduation Speech for an assembly of academic and administrative staff in the University Hall. He currently works as an administrative officer at the University of Gambia, and engages in social activism focusing on human rights and gender equality. Below is a transcript of his speech.