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Computer science

Overview of the printed and electronic resources in computer science.

The Mathematics and Natural Sciences Library offers a variety of printed and electronic books, journals, reference books and data bases in computer science. Feel free to contact the library for guidance in literature search.


New titles in Computer Science

Find the right shelf

Books in computer science are sorted by the Dewey Decimal Classification, with numbers that start with 004, 005 or 006. Books about the same topic are on the same shelf. When you find an interesting title in Oria, you can use the tab Virtual Browse to see books on the same shelf.


We are trying to be up to date with books about all important programming languages. You can find them on the shelf 005.133, sorted by language. Books about C are placed under 005.133 C, C++ under 005.133 CPLUS, etc.

Electronic Curriculum

For some of the courses in computer science, the required and recommended literature is available electronically via the University Library. Most of the links below lead to the library's search engine Oria. You can access the text by clicking on the View It tab.

INF142 Computer Networks

INF143 Security in Distributed Systems

INF170 Modelling and Optimization

INF210 Modelling of Computing

INF240 Basic Codes

INF272 Non-linear optimization

INF281 Basics of bioinformatics sequence analysis

INF283 Introduction to Machine Learning

INF334 Advanced Algorithmic Techniques