University Pedagogy

Welcome to the Program for University Pedagogy


We are the University of Bergen's program for training, research, and development for teaching and learning in higher education.  

Services and help from University Pedagogy:

Guest Lecture
Apr 24

Elizabeth Losh: Affect and Digital Pedagogy

How can we use mobile platforms pedagogically? Elizabeth Losh, author of books on digital rhetoric and on the politics of MOOCs, discusses pedagogical uses of Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and other mobile platforms.

Our key focus areas are quality of teaching, guidance, and learning environments.

  • We serve all faculties and disciplines throughout the university.
  • We provide pedagogical training for staff and students who have teaching responsibilities at UiB.
  • We offer consultation and guidance in issues concerning teaching and learning for individuals, departments, faculties, and the university as a whole.
  • We conduct research and development on the quality of instruction and instructional environments at the university, in cooperation with experts both internally and externally, as well as nationally and internationally.
  • We are organized under the Department of Education in the Faculty of Psychology.