University Pedagogy

University Peagogy Course

UPED636 How to Create Effective Educational Videos (day 4)

This course is for teachers at UiB who want to create and publish short videos online as a supplement to class instruction

The course is practically oriented and focuses on how to create effective educational videos with a variety of easy to use tools. It also looks at options for making the recordings available to the students. The course emphasizes both technical and pedagogical aspects of video production.

We will discuss and provide input on:

  • What kinds of content are most suitable for such presentations
  • The mechanics of making good teaching videos
  • New kinds of activities you can do in class because of time freed up by video content delivery
  • Measuring to what extent students use videos and whether such use improves learning

The course provides an opportunity to explore new pedagogical possibilities, gain experience with videos, and discuss and share experiences with colleagues. It is assumed that participants will attend all four class meetings in the spring semester 2016 and perform various tasks between meetings.

Note: The course will be taught primarily in English.