Excavation of Stone Age Settlement in Fyllingsdalen, Bergen

In one of the suburbs of Bergen, at Varden in Fyllingsdalen, Bergen Museum is presently excavating a Stone Age settlement. Varden primary school has been invited to take part in the research process.

Some pupils from 6th and 7th grade, who live in the area close to the excavation site, have had plenty of time available because of an ongoing strike among teachers and were therefore allowed to take part in the survey, supervised by archaeologists. We are impressed with their willingness to work, their knowledge, and eagerness to learn!

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Open Day on Sunday 20 June

Everybody is welcome, adults and children, to Open Day at the excavation site at Gjeddevann on Sunday 20 June from 12pm to 3pm.

There will be guided walks on the site itself and to other localities around the lake. Here you will be introduced to how an archaeologist works. You could try some Stone Age food, or shoot a bow and arrow, or learn how to cut skin using a flint stone. You can also try throwing a spear with an atlatl, an ancient spear-throwing weapon.

Archaeologists from the University of Bergen wish you all welcome to an exciting event.