Continuing Education

University of Bergen
Office for Continuing Education - EVU

EVU is responsible for developing and operating the University of Bergen’s life long learning provision

  • Extension studies
  • Continuing education
  • Professional development
  • Adult education
  • Open and distance education
  • Part time studies




Phone: +47 55 58 20 40
E-mail: post@evu.uib.no
Web: www.uib.no/evu


About us

EVU is an operator that organise and design courses adapted to adult students - practically, pedagogically and economically.

EVU is a link and contact point between companies, private and public institutions and individuals on the one hand, and UiB departments and academic staff on the other. EVU can also contribute in the process of tailoring courses for specific groups of learners e.g. in companies.


Research based Education

Professional studies, educational programmes and courses are designed by recognized researchers and teachers with a solid academic and pedagogical background. UiB’s great knowledge within several subject fields is made more easily accessible to life long adult learners and adapted to their needs. Various academic departments and their faculty staff are responsible for content and teaching while EVU is responsible for the administration and act as a coordinating service unit - internally as well as externally.

EUCEN - The European Association for University Lifelong Learning

Represented by EVU the UiB has for many years been a member of EUCEN. For instance the university has been a partner of the EU-projects EQUIPE and EQUIPE Plus. In 2000 and in 2005 EVU was the organiser of one of the two annual EUCEN conferences. UiB was represented on EUCEN's Steering Committee from November 2008 till November 2012.e emnet.