Forskergruppen Digital kultur

Spring 2012 events in the Digital Culture Research Group

Here are our planned meetings for the first half of 2012. Some adjustments may be made.

Mondays 13:15-15:00 in room 435 

31.1 – Kickoff

13.2 – Talk by Jannis Androutsopoulos on multilingualism in Facebook, organized by Future of Russian project (Institutt for fremmedspråk)

27.2 – Jan Oskar Engene on net extremism and Laetitia on her MA thesis project, Søkrat

12.3 – Joint session with Electronic Literature – guest speaker Michelle Teran on her project Folgen.

15.3 - Data is Political symposium organized by KHiB (http://dataispolitical.net) in collaboration with Electronic Literature Research Group

26.3 -  [Open]


12.2 - Davin Heckman's Fulbright Lecture: Literature in a Time of Media Change

23.4 -  ? (many researchers absent)

7.5 -  Gilda Seddighi: en teoretisk og empirisk diskusjon om hvordan forstå følelser (tittel kommer)

21.2 - David Berry and Sean Ryder: Digital Humanities and the New Aesthetic
Helge Fischer’s trial lecture, defense Tuesday.
Martina Reitmaier’s trial lecture Thurs, defense Fri

4.6 - Hilde Corneliussen: Technicity:  the complex presence of technologies in identity

6.6 - Manuel Castells lecture at Studentsenteret (Holbergprisen)

11.6 - Digital Methods Workshop by Richard Rogers and Sabine Neiderer from University of Amsterdam Digital Methods Initiative. NB: 9:15-15:00

18.6 - Patricia Tomaszek and Daniel Jung present a chapter from each of their dissertations


This is as of 11.4.2012. Dates may change.