Individuelle prosjekter

  • The Norwegian Nexus – shipping in the first wave of globalisation (hyperlink: Camillas individuelle nettside og prosjekter der)
  • Points of Passage: Jewish Transmigrants from Eastern Europe in Germany, Britain, Scandinavia and other Countries 1860–1929.
  • Global Moments in the Levant(Avsluttes mars 2009). For mer informasjon, se gjerne:
  • Foreign Direct Investment in Electric Utilities - a World Survey, 1880-1980.
  • Performance. Understanding Economic Performance of Enterprises during the 20th Century in Europe.
  • Converging varieties of capitalism: towards a global competition policy, 1930-2000.
  • Norwegian Mission: Practice and representation in the formation of 'self' and 'other', 1866-2008. (med hyperlink til: og )
  • Gender, Spirituality and Leadership in the Malagasy Lutheran Church (FLM) and Fifohazana Awakening Movements in Madagascar.
  • Fra et selvgodt til et selvkritisk historiebilde – Hvordan underviser norske historielærere om 2. verdenskrig og okkupasjonstiden?