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  • 16.11.2011 18:24
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    Morphological traits in guppies

    In his master's project, Ranga Jayawickrama wants to understand how morphological traits of guppies are influenced by harvest-induced selection.

  • 28.03.2011 12:48
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    Master projects

    Present and potential future master projects with guppies.

  • 28.03.2011 11:56
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    Evolutionary ecology & ecosystems

    Ecosystems are the stage for evolutionary adaptations. Extraordinary environments call for extraordinary adaptations.

  • 14.01.2011 12:16
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    Evolutionary ecology in the Benguala system

    The Benguela ecosystem lies off the coast of Namibia. It is home to African bearded goby, a fish that shows remarkable adaptations to this special environment.

  • 14.03.2011 16:06
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    Consequences of selective harvesting for maturation

    An open master project in the Daphnia Group of EvoFish.

  • 11.09.2013 17:04
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    Changes in growth under size-selective mortality using otolith microstructure analysis

    In his master's project, Piero Lopez will use otolith analysis to understand how individual growth trajectories change under size-selective harvest.

  • 08.12.2009 13:10
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    High speed evolution along the Norwegian coast

    Evolution in the ocean is going on before our very eyes, and overfishing must take its share of the blame for the reversal of thousands of years of development.

  • 17.2.2009 14:24
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    Knuckles and Bones

    Much of the material shown in the unique exhibition about knucklebones at the Natural History Collections has not previously been shown to the public before it opened in 2003. The exhibition, titled ”Knuckles and Bones", is presented in a separate knucklebone room next to the famous Whale Hall at the Museum.

  • 17.03.2011 17:54
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    Statistical analyses of life-history data

    We employ a wide array of statistical approaches for analysing life-history data from fisheries and fisheries surveys.

  • 28.03.2011 12:09
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    Evolutionary ecology in the Benguala system

    The Benguela ecosystem lies off the coast of Namibia. It is home to African bearded goby, a fish that shows remarkable adaptations to this special environment.

  • 28.03.2011 13:00
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    Master projects

    Potential future master projects with Daphnia

  • 11.09.2013 17:09
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    Piero has started with guppy otoliths

    Piero Lopez has started his master's project on analysing growth in guppies based on their otoliths.

  • 28.04.2011 14:49
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    Minister Lisbeth Berg-Hansen in the guppy lab

    Our gyppy lab got its one minute of fame when the Minister of Fisheries and Coastal Affairs, Lisbeth Berg-Hansen, was visiting University of Bergen on April 27th.

  • 17.11.2011 13:49
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    Ranga starts his master's project on guppies

    EvoFish welcomes new master's student, Ranga Jayawickrama, who will study moprhological variation in guppies.

  • 13.07.2013 05:58
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    "Fishing-induced evolution of growth" on the top

    EvoFish article tops the list of most accessed papers in the journal Marine Ecology in 2012.

  • 27.04.2012 16:08
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    Working group on fisheries-induced evolution in Bergen

    Next week specialists in fisheries-induced evolution will meet in Bergen.

  • 16.02.2011 15:23
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    How to survive an alien invasion?

    Sometimes fish can be just as scary as aliens – especially if you are a tiny Daphnia looking into the mouth of a big perch. Until 2006 daphnids in Lake Myravatn were unaware of the vertebrates living in neighbouring lakes. That year perch was illegally introduced and the daphnids had to face a novel death risk. So how do they cope with this alien invasion? PhD student Ingrid Wathne from EvoFish is determined to find out.

  • 17.08.2012 10:27
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    Seminar in honour of Anne Magurran

    University of Bergen awarded Professor Anne Magurran an honorary doctorate on August 31. To mark this event, a seminar in her honour was arranged on August 30. In addition to a keynote talk by Professor Magurran, exciting local research was portrayed.

  • 04.01.2011 10:14
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    Economics meets ecology and evolution

    The Norwegian Research Council interviewed Fabian Zimmermann about his work in fisheries bioeconomics.

  • 08.06.2013 10:44
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    Ranga and guppies reach a happy end

    Ranga Jayawickrama has successfully completed his Master examination. EvoFish congratulates!

  • 07.11.2012 15:36
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    Bea, the guppy doctor

    Beatriz Diaz Pauli, or Bea as we know her, was awarded PhD degree after a good debate with the opponents. EvoFish congratulates!

  • 08.04.2012 05:03
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    EvoFish in Twitter

    You can now follow EvoFish in Twitter!

  • 12.09.2013 11:21
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    EvoFish+Evolutionary Ecology

    Evolutionary Fisheries Ecology and Evolutionary Ecology groups have joined the forces.

  • 27.08.2011 12:51
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    Final countdown

    Fabian Zimmermann is defending his thesis "The value of size - Bioeconomic consequences of size-dependent pricing and fishing-induced evolution" on the coming Friday, September 2nd.

  • 20.06.2011 13:56
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    Size matters!

    Fabian Zimmermann has submitted his thesis "The value of size. Bioeconomic consequences of size-dependent pricing and fishing-induced evolution".

  • 04.10.2013 10:54
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    Guppy maturation is influenced by the social setting

    New article shows that maturation in male guppies is influenced by the social environment in which they grow.

  • 14.01.2011 09:21
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    Fishing guppies

    Our guppy experiment is set up to study life-history changes caused by harvesting. This involves monitoring of the populations, and harvesting at regular intervals. Now it is the time for the third harvest.

  • 26.06.2012 14:54
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    Hugo Capes visiting EvoFish

    Hugo Capes from Montpellier is doing his research practice with EvoFish.

  • 02.09.2011 13:27
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    Doctor Zimmermann, I presume?

    Fabian was awarded PhD degree after a lively debate with the opponents. EvoFish congratulates!

  • 14.8.2009 12:44
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    Toward Darwinian Fisheries Management

    Journal "Evolutionary Applications" has published a special issue "Toward Darwinian Fisheries Management", based on the symposium EvoFish organized in 2008.

  • 18.02.2011 18:45
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    Evolutionary Applications special issue

    Evolutionary Applications has newly published a special issue "In the light of evolution: interdisciplinary challenges in food, health, and the environment".

  • 17.02.2012 22:59
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    To grow or not to grow?

    Evolution of growth is an evolutionary puzzle, and adding fisheries selection does not make that any easier. A new paper from EvoFish aims at clarifying our thoughts about growth evolution.

  • 02.07.2013 10:00
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    Can fisheries-induced evolution shift reference points for fisheries management?

    A new paper in the ICES Journal of Marine Science discusses whether and how fisheries-induced evolution will shift reference points, a key tool in fisheries management.

  • 20.12.2010 16:30
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    EvoFish in "Evolution of life"

    Mikko Heino from EvoFish is featuring in the video "The case of the shrinking cod", a part of the award-winning website "Evolution of life".

  • 18.09.2011 19:37
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    Guppy research in BBC!

    'Science & Environment' section of the BBC News has talked with Beatriz Diaz Pauli.

  • 23.05.2012 15:12
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    Guppies and Del Gorro del Mundo

    Bea and guppies are featuring in Del Gorro del Mundo, a Spanish-language podcast

  • 12.05.2011 13:34
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    New master's thesis

    Martin Wiech has finished his master's thesis on guppy behaviour.

  • 15.10.2012 12:20
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    Green light for new EvoFish PhD defence!

    The evaluation committee gives green light for the PhD defence of Beatriz Díaz Pauli.

  • 25.05.2011 14:06
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    Guppies in the university news

    The web magazine of the University of Bergen, På Høyden, has published an article about our guppy experiment.