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  • 30.1.2009 9:57

    PhD MN: MNF490

    PhD-level courses for Research Fellows with The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences At The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences an obligatory course in Theory of Science and Ethics, MNF490, is offered which grants 3 credits. The instruction, which is a mixture of lectures and seminars, is given over a period of two weeks. It is required that the participants attend 80% of the course and that they submit two written practice assignments during the two weeks the course is held. In addition an essay is to be written and submitted within two weeks after the course has ended. The two written assignments and the essay form the basis for the evaluation; the grading is "pass"/"not passed".

  • 09.09.2010 16:47
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    Floor plans

  • 29.09.2010 11:42
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    Time series

    This research field involves statistical analysis of observations in time. The object is to unveil structures describing underlying correlations between observations. Such methods are particularly common in econometrics, but are also used for analyses of geological and biological data.

  • 26.2.2009 9:59
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    Mechanics, dynamical systems and modelling

    In this specialisation within applied and computational mathematics, the main emphasis is placed on the modelling in time and space of large numbers of "particles" that interact with each other and with the environment.

  • 06.09.2010 16:17

    Master's students

    Master's students in the Department of Mathematics.

  • 29.09.2010 12:11

    Insurance and finance

    Insurance was one of the first areas to apply statistical methods. Insurance companies make a living of uncertainty, and they need people who can analyse these matters. There is also a specific title for statisticians who specialise within insurance, called actuary. This title can only be achieved by studying at the universities in Bergen and Oslo.

  • 15.02.2011 12:49 Web-tv
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    The blackboard

    When you stand in front of a blackboard with chalk in your hand, you know that what you draw is seen immediately. There are no complications. Nothing can go wrong.

  • 2.7.2009 0:30 News

    Jan Nordbotten receives the 1st SIAG/Geoscience Junior Scientist prize

    For his research on mathematical and numerical analysis of issues related to CO2 storage in the sea bottom.

  • 12.3.2009 12:55 Conference

    10 years of EU activities in Women in Science - and beyond

    Changing research landscapes to make the most of human potential