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Gjesteforelesning ved Professor Diane Larsen-Freeman, University of Michigan

Professor Diane Larsen-Freeman, University of Michigan

besøker UiB 21.-23. mai 2012.

Arrangementet er i regi av

ASKeladden-prosjektet og “Strategier for språkkompetanse”



Mandag 21. mai 2012

10.15-12.00, aud. D, Sydneshaugen skole

            Åpen gjesteforelesning (i regi av forskergruppa

            “Strategier for språkkompetanse”).

Grammaring and the Transfer of Learning

Grammar is often viewed as contributing “form” to language.  While this is not in dispute, grammar is about much more than form.  Grammatical forms have meanings and uses as well.  Indeed, it is often the meaning or the use of a grammatical form that represents its greatest long-term learning challenge.  In addition, grammar is not a static system of forms.  Language forms are constantly being transformed through use.

These observations about grammar have important consequences for language pedagogy.  I have coined the term “grammaring” to capture the difference between the traditional teaching of grammar and the teaching of grammar informed by these newer observations.  Importantly, grammaring has implications for how we help our students to overcome the transfer of learning problem.

Workshop om grammatikkundervisning ledet av professor          Diane Larsen Freeman (i regi av “Strategier for språkkompetanse”).




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