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Eivind Senneset

Følgende liste viser en oversikt over stipendiater og øvrige PhD-kandidater ved IF i 2017. Listen omfatter UiB-stipendiater, kandidater uten finansiering (tidligere stipendiater), kvotestipendiater, stipendiater på prosjekter og eksternfinansierte. Flere av titlene på dr.gradsprosjektene vil være foreløpige.



Fagområde: Engelsk litteratur

James Busimba 

Prosjekttittel: Confluences and Divergences in the Configurations of Folkloric Resources in the Drama of John Ruganda and William Shakespeare

My project is an examination of confluences and divergences in the configurations of folkloric resources in John Ruganda and William Shakespeare’s drama. Specifically, engage with the narrative frames that are akin to myth and legend, narrative frames which engage the folkloric in the works of the two writers by tracing and exploring how the drama of John Ruganda, a twentieth century writer from Uganda, and that of Shakespeare a sixteenth century writer from Britain conceptualise aspects of the notion of legends of maturation. By legends of maturation I mean that process which the main actors undergo within a community in which the individual development takes place. The study also seeks to demonstrate that although Rugandan and Shakespearean aesthetics involve different spatial and temporal spaces, the two writers configure the folkloric in their dramatic works in a fashion that is both specific and ‘universal’ 

Veileder: Stuart Sillars


Reza Habibi

Prosjekttittel: A genetic Study of Psychoanalytic Sources in Samuel Beckett's creative Process: Murphy and Watt.

Thanks to the the focal presence of depth psychology and psychoanalysis within Samuel Beckett’s writing over the past decades, the principal focus of my PhD thesis will be a genetic study of the play 'Krapp’s Last Tape' and the novels 'Murphy' and 'Watt', two of whose protagonists, except for Krapp, spend time in a mental asylum. In addition to their clear chronological and thematic links to the ‘Psychology Notes’, my reason for focusing on these texts is that the hitherto unpublished manuscripts for both novels are now being made available. From a ‘source-hunting’ point of view, therefore, my intertextual, source-based study will draw more specifically on Beckett’s ‘Psychology Notes’ as a crucial scholarly tool to understand the thematic genesis and creative process of a given text.

Veileder: Erik Tonning


Nafeesa Nichols

Prosjekttittel: Popular Spaces: Space and Gender in Four Contemporary South African Novels

The aim of the project is to conceptualize the appropriation of popular culture as the aesthetic center of these novelists’ engagement with the production of popular spaces with regard to gender. The project will study the authors’ thematic preoccupation with the production of space; the ways the texts’ explorations of space production are simultaneously explorations of gender and its intersections with race and class. Moreover, it will examine the employment of popular culture as a significant element of the quotidian narrative and thus link its use to an expanding definition of ‘the ordinary.’ In so doing, the dissertation will argue that these texts offer important alternatives to dominant narratives of South African spaces and it will contribute to a growing body of literary examinations of such counter-narratives.

Veileder: Zeljka Svrljuga


Wassim Rustom


Prosjekttittel: Literature as Site of Contention over Logics of Use: From Wordsworth to Joyce.

The project takes as its starting point the thesis that neither literature nor “use” or “usefulness” are stable entities or concepts, but exist historically and are shaped through historical discourses and practices. The aim is therefore to examine specific ways in which the emergence of modern literature from the late eighteenth century might have been tied up with a negotiation of what “use” means, how it is conceived and how it regulates human practices, starting with the art of writing. The project centres on work by William Wordsworth, Walter Pater and James Joyce, and radiates to include discussion of relevant intellectual, literary and aesthetic tendencies of the period in question.

Veileder: Erik Tonning


Siri Vevle

Prosjekttittel: The Illuminated Book as Contemplative Medium; William Blake's  Concept of Fourfold Vision in the Major Prophecies"

The project seeks to analyze the function and meaning of Blake's concept of Fourfold Vision as developed in the later part of his career. The aim is to shed light on the concept by examining it through a series of 'frames' (J. Culler), and examine the concept's connection to earlier intellectual traditions, such as medieval theology, with a particular emphasis on the practice of exegesis, and the monastic 'memoria' tradition; enlightenment philosophy, especially Berkeley's theory of vision; Romantic ideas on imagination (Coleridge), as well as recent theoretical developments; philosophy on the function of the concept; cognitive theory, with particular focus on conceptual blending as creative act (Lakoff, Turner, and others ), and the notion of cognitive fluidity. An important aspect throughout the discussion is the role and activity of the reader.  

Veileder: Stuart Sillars


Andrea Rinaldi

Modernism and Christianity-prosjektet

Prosjekttittel: Ezra Pound and Religion. Christianity, Occultism and Political Religion.

Veileder: Erik Tonning


Fagområde: Engelsk fagdidaktikk

Kimberly Skjelde

Prosjekttittel: Vocabulary Assessment: Measuring written receptive vocabulary knowledge among Norwegian EFL learners.

Veileder: Aud Solbjørg Skulstad



Fagområde: Fransk språk


Camilla Clausen

Prosjekttittel: Enquête de la dynamique d’une unité Polylexicale. Vers une typologie des variantes de la construction nominale mise en N

Veileder: Harald Ulland 


Anders Didriksen

Fagområde: Fransk språk

Prosjekttittel: Logisk-semantiske instruksjonar i franske argumentative konnektorar: Ei kjelde til implisitte topoi, enthymem og syllogismar

Veileder: Kjersti Fløttum


Anne-Kate Ellingsen

Prosjekttittel: Retoriske strategier i debatten om atomenergi i Frankrike

Prosjektet har som mål å kartlegge de retoriske strategiene og de språklige praksisene som blir brukt i argumentasjonen som har utviklet seg i den franske debatten om klima, da særlig i forbindelse med bruken av atomkraft som energikilde.

Veileder: Kjersti Fløttum


Francis Badiang Oloko

Prosjekttittel: Climate change in the Cameroon political Discourse.

My project investigates the Cameroon official discourse on climate(change). It seeks to work on a set of speeches by the current president of the country, as well as those of his minister in charge of climate-related issues. The scope of the project is [2005 - 2017[. In abid to dismantle the voices which interact within these speeches, a polyphonic perspective seems suitable. In fact, thanks to a discursive polyphony theory based essentially on the ScaPoLine and the praxématique, it can be possible to identify who says what and therefore have a clearer view on the exact position of Cameroon in the global debate on climate. It will also be possible to highlight the relationships between Cameroon's position and those of it's partners in this same debate.

Veileder: Kjersti Fløttum


Christian Manga


The present work falls within the framework of discourse analysis. It moves from different observations made on the field of political discourse in general and that of Cameroon political context in particular. The latter is characterized by two realities. The first one is that of the lifelessness of a dispersed opposition and the second is the resulting overpower of the regime. This situation of serious disequilibrium in the political action appears through the speeches of the main leader. Very conscious of his supremacy, he makes speeches in which marks of the opposition and their actions scarcely appear. Therefore, his speeches are mid-way between self-reference and polyphony.

Veileder: Kjersti Fløttum


Fagområde: Fransk litteratur


Vanessa Aurelie Ndi Etondi

Prosjekttittel: Womanism and existentialism in novels by Leonora Mian

My project deals with women studies, literature, intersectionality, postcolonialism and textual analysis. In the theoretical framework of africana womanism by Clenora Hudson-Weems and existentialism by Simone de Beauvoir, I examine the female characters in "Le cycle de l'ombre et la lumière" of the novelist Léonora Miano. My monograph is supported by five novels that I read through textual analysis methods. I intend to prove that Miano's female characters symbolise any woman of African descent (the Black one), should she evolve in an african, a european or an american setting. Whether being essentialist and family centered or existentialist and self-centered, their fictional struggles and beliefs help to enlighten the daily fights of the real Black women.

Veileder: Helge Vidar Holm


Gunn Inger Sture (Ageing-prosjektet)

Prosjekttittel:  Marcel Proust – métaphores temporelles, mémoire, vieillissement.

Ph.d.-prosjektet mitt er knytt til forskingsprosjektet «Aldring i kulturhistorisk perspektiv: litteratur, medisin, psykologi, juss» og tar for seg aldring i Marcel Proust sitt romanverk À la recherche du temps perdu (På sporet av den tapte tid). Tid og minne er viktige tema i dette verket, og metaforen har ein viktig plass i Proust sin estetikk. Prosjektet undersøker kva metaforar for tid, minne og aldring i À la recherche du temps perdu kan fortelja oss om det aldrande sjølvet slik Proust utforskar og konstruerer det.

Veileder: Margery Vibe Skagen



Fagområde: Italiensk litteratur


Erika Wolf

Prosjekttittel: Leonardo Sinisgalli og maskinens poetikk

Mitt forskningsprosjekt «Leonardo Sinisgalli og maskinens poetikk» handler om forholdet mellom litteratur og teknologi i forfatterskapet til den italienske poeten og ingeniør Leonardo Sinisgalli. Fokuset mitt er rettet spesielt mot tidsskriftet «Civiltà delle macchine» som Sinisgalli var redaktør for, og tidskriftets forsøk å bygge en bro mellom humanister, vitenskapsmenn og teknikere. Et diakronisk perspektiv vil være utgangspunktet for å rekonstruere Sinisgallis tanke om maskinen, dens estetiske utforming og etiske implikasjoner. Påvirkningen fra forskjellige sjangre i forfatterens representasjon av den teknologiske framdriften vil også være en del av min avhandling.

Veileder:Margareth Hagen


Fagområde: Italiensk språk


Bodil Moss

Prosjekttittel: Ungdomsspråk på Sicilia: Dialektbruk og språkholdning blant ungdom i Catania

Veileder: Marco Gargiulo



Fagområde: Japansk språk


Nazuki Kobayashi

Prosjekttittel: Cross-linguistic influence? A Case of Norwegian Students of Japanese with the Focus on the Speech Act of Request

My research investigates how Norwegian learners of Japanese at the University of Bergen make a request in diverse contexts in Norwegian and Japanese before and after their study stay in Japan. Their requests will also be compared with those of Japanese native speakers. By so doing, I aim to study whether and how situational variables such as the power relation between interlocutors may affect their request strategies, and also to identify any cross-linguistic influence from their native language to the target language and similarities and differences between Norwegian and Japanese requests.

Veildere: Harry Solvang, Kristin Rygg (NHH) og Jan Svennevig (UiO)



Fagområde: Russisk litteratur


Stehn A. Mortensen

Prosjekttittel: Readings under the Influence: Posthumanism and Intoxication in Vladimir Sorokin.

Veileder: Ingunn Lunde


Fagområde:Russisk språk


Benedikte Fjellanger Vardøy

Prosjekttittel: Holdningar til russiske dialekter blant dialekttalarar

Til skilnad frå i norsk eksisterer det i russisk ei forventing om at einskal snakka standardspråk i svært mange samanhengar, dersom ein eigentleg har dialektbakgrunn. Russiske dialekter er godt kartlagde, medan sosiolingvistiske tilnærmingar til dialektbruk er så godt som fråverande.

I mitt doktorgradsprosjekt vil eg finna meir ut om kva dei som snakkar andre variantar av russisk enn standardspråket sjølve, tenkjer om dialektbruk. Gjennom ein analyse av dei lokale sine holdningar til dialekt vonar eg å avdekkja grunnar til at folk vel å snakka som dei gjer i ulike samanhengar.

Veileder: Margje Post


Spansk og latinamerikastudium


Fagområde: Latin-amerikansk kultur


Ann Cathrin Corrales-Øverlid  (fra 01.08.16)

Prosjekttittel:  Peruvian Women in California: Culinary Entrepreneurship, Transnationalism and Empowerment

The project is a qualitative case study based on oral sources, and focuses on a group of Peruvian female entrepreneurs in the culinary sector in California. It seeks to explore how these women’s migratory projects and entrepreneurship have contributed to reinforce, challenge or change gender relations and gender regimes, on an individual level, on a family level as well as in the local community. The project aims to build up a biographical profile of these women, to be able to identify who they are and what characterizes their businesses and entrepreneurship. Moreover, it intends to identify transnational dimensions and practices in the women’s lives and entrepreneurship, as well as to analyze what impact these have on the entrepreneur, her family and her community of origin.

Veileder:  Synnøve Ones Rosales 


Alissa Vik

Prosjekttittel: The role of music in the negotiation of Peruvian national identity: A study of popular music discourse in Lima.

The main objective of this project is to explore how Peruvian identity is negotiated through musical discourse. Additionally, the project seeks to explore to what extent different ethnic identities are represented in the music played and listened to in Lima and to what extent ethnic stereotypes are reinforced through musical discourse. The project also aims to document the music that is valued and the music that is listened to in the Peruvian capital. This project is an interdisciplinary study of musical discourse, and the theoretical framework and methodology are based on critical discourse analysis, ethnomusicology, and popular music studies. The data for this project, in the form of interviews with musicians and the wider population about music and identity, group discussions, and musical texts and performances representing Peru’s main musical traditions, will be collected during fieldwork in Lima. 

Veileder: Miguel Quesada Pacheco/Thomas Solomon


Jose Alejandro Huidobro-Goya

Prosjekttittel: Carl Lumholtz en México: Escritura etnográfica, fotografía y viaje científico: la confluencia de saberes entre Noruega, Estados Unidos y México en la mirada de un antropólgo noruego decimonónico

Veileder: Maria Alvarez-Solar


Fagområde: Spansk/latinamerikansk litteratur


Marta Sánchez Salvà

Prosjekttittel: Remodeling things: The Human and the Nonhuman i Salarrué´s works.

My project focuses on the works of the writer and painter Salarrué, one of the founding figures of early 20th-century literature in El Salvador. Most studies from previous research assume that Salarrué’s oeuvre can be divided into two groups almost independent from each other, into a regional or folkloric category, on the one hand, and a fantastic or theosophical on the other. This division overlooks the recurrent theme of hybridity and change in bodies and forms throughout his texts and paintings. The aim of my project is twofold. First, it intends to analyze the materiality in Salarrué’s narrative and paintings, how human and non-human agents interact and mix with each other. Second, it wants to find out what Salarrué’s remodeling of forms has to say of his cultural context and the modernizing process taking place in El Salvador in the first half of the 20th century

Veileder: Kari Soriano Salkjelsvik


Fagområde: Spansk språk 


Roxana Sobrino

Prosjekttittel: Actitudes linguisticas en el Caribe insular hispanico.

The project intends to identify the linguistics attitudes towards Spanish variants in the Antilles by its speakers. I want to investigate the set of beliefs, prejudices and attitudes in general of its speakers, which largely determine the issue of the identity of the region and the way the Caribbean is displayed between them. I will apply questionnaires in the three capitals that make up the Hispanic Antillean: Havana (Cuba), San Juan (Puerto Rico) and Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic).

Veileder: Miguel Quesada Pacheco


Silje Drevdal

Prosjekttittel: Perceptions of  Language Correctness in of Spanish

Veileder: Miguel Quesada Pacheco


Ingunn Hansejordet

Prosjekttittel:Grammatikkstrategiar  i framandspråk.

Veileder: Åse Johnsen




Fagområde: Tysk litteratur


Anna Heermann

Prosjekttittel:  Heikle Heimaten. Zur Tradierung von Heimat im Prosawerk Herta Müllers.

Anna Heermanns doktorgradsprosjekt ønsker å undersøke Heimat i verk av Herta Müller. Forfatteren Herta Müller, som ble tildelt Nobelprisen i litteratur i 2009, tematiserer Heimat fra den tyskspråklige minoritetens perspektiv i Romania, der hun vokste opp. Hennes Heimat-konsept vandrer formelt i spenningsfeltet mellom selvbiografi og fiksjon, og innholdsmessig mellom lengselfull leting etter Heimat som står i kontrast til Heimats stygge side: Ceaușescus totalitære regime. Målet med avhandlingen er å utforske Heimats aspekter i denne sammenhengen med fokus på Heimats politiske dimensjon,som forfatteren selv uthever.

Veileder: Sissel Lægreid


Guro Sandnes

Prosjekttittel: Thomas Bernhard: Auto-Biographie, Auto-Genese, Auto-Widerstand.

Mange av verka til den austerrikske forfattaren Thomas Bernhard har eit sjølvbiografisk preg, tydelegast kjem dette til uttrykk i romanane samla i bindet Die Autobiographie, som skildrar forfattaren sin barndom og oppvekst. I verka tematiserer Bernhard blant anna sin eigen språkskepsis, og stiller seg tvilande til om det er mogleg å skrive sanninga. Samtidig fungerer språket som ein motstand mot fortida, i konfrontasjonen med barndomen. Doktorgradsprosjektet mitt undersøker korleis det bernhardske sjølvbiografiske språket blir til, og korleis (det fragmenterte) eget utviklar seg i løpet av framskrivinga av bøkene Die Ursache og Ein Kind, og to upubliserte tekstar.

Veileder: Sissel Lægreid 


Jutta Schloon

Prosjekttittel: Mittelalter-Imaginationen im George-Kreis

Kretsen rundt dikteren Stefan George anses med rette som en av de mest fascinerende tyske sirklene av lærde og kunstnere i klassisk modernisme. Mitt prosjekt gjelder oppkomst, form, utvikling og funksjoner av middelalder-imaginasjonene i kretsen rundt George: På hvilken måte og via hvilke medier utvikler middelalderresepsjonen seg hos George og i kretsen hans? Hvilke litterære skrivemåter og estetiske aktualiseringer knytter seg til medievalismen? Hvilke funksjoner har middelalder-imaginasjonene i de forskjellige faser av Stefan Georges og kretsens virke? Har Georges estetisering av middelalderen vært forutsetningen for den senere ideologisering av middelalderen hos hans disipler, og hvis ja, i hvilken grad?

Veileder: Sissel Lægreid