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Doktorgrader ved Seksjon for mikrobiologi og immunologi

Liste over avlagte doktograder ved Gades institutt, Seksjon for mikrobiologi og immunologi.

PhD Delaleu

PhD Delaleu Foto: UiB


PHD.  Tove Ragna Reksten.  "Serologic and phenotypic differences in primary Sjögren's syndrome: Disease heterogeneity or distinct phenotypes?"

PHD.  Gabriela Dabija-Wolter.  "Interactions between Fusobacterium nucleatum and Primary Human Oral Cells - In vitro Studies in Monolayer and Organotypic Culture Models".

PHD.  Øyvind Kommedal.  "A culture-independent approach for diagnosis of bacterial infections - with special focus on the poly-bacterial specimens".

PHD.  Nils Anders Leversen.  "Secreted proteins of mycobacteria and their role during infection".

PHD.  Gabriel Kristian Pedersen.  "H5N1 influenza vaccines - preclinical and clinical studies".

PHD.  Amal Elamin.  "Epidemiological and microbiological aspects of aggressive periodontitis in Sudan".

PHD.  Aina-Cathrine Øvergård.  "T-cells and cytokines of Atlantic halibut (Hippoglossus hippoglossus L.) - Gene expression levels during ontogenesis, vaccination and experimental nodavirus infection".


PHD.  Sharad Pathak. "HIV-1 and mycobacterial co-infection of monocytoid cells".


PHD.  Kari Rostad. "ERG and SMI2 transcription factors in prostate cancer - their role in carcinogenesis and potential clinical utility".

PHD.  Ewa Alicja Szyszko Hovden.  "Characterisation of long-lived plasma cells in primary Sjögren's syndrome - Studies in humans and a murine model".

PHD.  Petra Vogelsang.  "Dendritic cells in Sjögren's syndrome".

PHD.  Heidi Syre Carrière. "Antibiotic susceptibility testing of Mycobacterium tuberculosis".

PHD.  Torunn Oveland Apelseth.  "Evaluation of platelet quality and clinical effect of platelet transfusion".


PhD. Sergio Carracedo Huroz. "Expression and regulation of the α11 integrin subunit - in vitro and in vivo studies".

PhD. Ruth Stavrum. "Genotypic characterisation of Mycobacterium tuberculosis isolates from high TB-burden countries."


PhD. Jens Christian Haug Eriksson. "Influenza vaccination with focus on the immunbiology of the upper respiratory tract."

PhD. Kenneth Wilfried Kross. "Mononuclear phagocytes in head and neck carcinoma patients. In vitro studies focusing on the clinical relevance of monocyte and macrophage responses in tumour cell interaction."

PhD. Nicolas Delaleu. "The autonomy of different aspects of Sjögren's syndrome and their treatment in an experimental model." Supervisor: Roland Jonsson

PhD. Pål Voltersvik. "Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type I (HIV-1) infection and highly active antiretroviral therapy; dynamics in tonsillar tissue morphology and immune reconstitution." Supervisors: Birgitta Åsjö, Leif Bostad

PhD. Solveig Hauge. "Preparing for an influenza pandemic. The immune response after vaccination with seasonal and avian influenza vaccines." Supervisors: Lars R. Haaheim, Rebecca Cox Brokstad, Abdullah Madhun

PhD. Trond Ove Hjelmervik. "Gene expression and protein profiling in human and experimental Sjögren's syndrome." Supervisors: Anne Isine Bolstad, Roland Jonsson

PhD. Even Fossum. "Herpesviral Interactomics: Intraviral and virus-host protein-protein interaction networks in different species of herpesviruses." Supervisors: Jürgen Haas, Lars Haarr

PhD. Khadija Innocensia Yahya-Malinma. "Epidemiological context of HIV infection in rural Manyara and Singida regions, Tanzania; antenatal and population-based studies." Supervisors: Knut Fylkesnes, Bjørg Evjen-Olsen, Lars Haarr


PhD. Mathula Thangarajh. "B-Cell-survival factors in multiple sclerosis and myasthenia gravis." Supervisors: Jan Hillert (Karolinska), Roland Jonsson, Sverre Mørk

PhD. Tor Magne Madland. "Calprotectin (S100A8/A9) and S100A12 in inflammatory arthritis; clinical and epidemiological studies of rheumatoid arthritis and psoriatic arthritis." Supervisors: Johan G. Brun, Roland Jonsson

PhD. Hiwa Målen. "Secreted proteins and surface markers on tubercle bacilli." Supervisors: Harald G. Wiker, Roland Jonsson

PhD. Arvid Nilsen. "Genital Herpex simplex virus infection. Clinical and epidemiological aspects." Supervisors: Lars Haarr, Nina Langeland, Roald Matre


PhD. Mabula Joseph Kasubi. "Detection and molecular characterization of herpex simplex virus from Tanzania and Norway." Supervisors: Lars Haarr, Nina Langeland

Dr. odont  Malin Viktoria Jonsson. "Ectopic germinal center formation in Sjögren's syndrome - significance of lymphoid organization." Supervisor: Kathrine Skarstein

PhD. E. Rodionova. "Immunophenotype studies of minor salivary gland cells under chlamydia trachomatis and mycoplasma pneumoni effect in Sjögren's syndrome." Principal institute: People's friendship university of Russia, Moscow.

PhD. Camilla Mittelholzer. "Influenza virus - protection and adaption." Supervisors: Annika Linde, Karl Brokstad


Dr. med. Vidar Ormaasen. University of Oslo. "Studies on mortality, morbidity and predictors of clinical outcome in HIV infected individuals in Oslo, A cohort study 1983-2004." Supervisors: Johan Bruun, Birgitta Åsjö.

PhD Peter Szodoray. "The role of B-cells in the pathogenesis of sysemic autoimmune diseases - impaired processes involving B-cell activating factor and apoptosis." Supervisors: Roland Jonsson, Johan G. Brun.

Dr. odont. Kjetil Moen. "Oral implications of rheumatoid arthritis - A clinical and immunological approach." Supervisors: Roland Jonsson, Johan G. Brun


Dr. med. Eric Lugada. "Affordable alternatives for managing HIV infected patients in a resource-poor country, Uganda." Supervisors: Birgitta Åsjö, Nina Langeland

Dr. med. Torbjørn Nedrebø. "The effect of tumor necrosis factor-α and interleukin-1β on interstitial fluid pressure and microvascular exchange in acute inflammation." Supervisor: Rolf K. Reed

Dr. med. sci. Stina Salomonsson. "The role of Ro52 autoantibodies in congenital heart block." Supervisor: Marie Wahren-Herlenius


Dr. med. Tina Rekand. "Polyomyelits: Molecular studies of neurovirulent poliovirus and late consequences of the disease." Supervisors: Lars Haarr, Nina Langeland

Dr. philos. Yoseph Zeleke Haile. "Mycobacterial mammalian cell entry (MCE) operons and the significance of RNA for the detection of mycobacterial specimens." Supervisors: Harald Wiker, Gunnar Bjune, Audun Nerland


Dr. philos. J.Ø. Bohnhorst. " B-cell sub-populations in healthy donors and patients with primary Sjögren's syndrome." Supervisors: Keith Thompson and Jacob B. Natvig

Dr. philos. B. Nakken. "The genetics of Sjögrens's syndrome: Candidate gene analyses and genome-wide linkage studies." Supervisors: Anne Isine Bolstad, Kathrine Skarstein, Roland Jonsson

Dr. philos. M. Ohlsson. "Apoptosis, autoantigens and autoantibodies in Sjögrens's syndrome." Supervisors: Karl Albert Brokstad, Roland Jonsson

Dr. med. John-Helge Heimdal. "Monocytes in head and neck carcinoma patients: In vitro studies focusing on monocyte function as a potential part of distant metastasis defense." Supervisors: Hans-Jørgen Aarstad, Jan Olofsson


Dr. odont. Lado Lako Loro. "Apoptosis in oral squamous cell carcinoma." Supervisors: Anne Christine Johannessen, Olav K. Vintermyr, Roland Jonsson


Dr. med. T. Mustafa. " Murine models of chronic tuberculosis: significance of granuloma morphology, apoptosis and immune evasion." Supervisors: Gunnar Bjune, Rune Nilsen, Roland Jonsson

Dr. med. Anne Ma Dyrhol-Riise. "Human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) infection and highly active antiretroviral therapy. Virus dynamics and immune reconstitution in blood and tonsillar tissue." Supervisor: Birgitta Åsjö

Dr. scient. Sathananthan Balasubramaniam. "Purification of Herplex Simplex Viruses and study of the structural proteins by 2-D gel electrophoresis."Supervisors: Lars Haarr, Nina Langeland

Dr. med. S. Phyu. "Mouse models for latent and slowly progressive tuberculosis: host immune responses and importance of compartmentalization." Supervisors: Gunnar Bjune, Roland Jonsson

Dr.phil (dr.med) K.E.E. Elagib. "Characterization of autoantibodies in primary Sjögren's syndrome; Analysis of immunoglobulin variable region genes." Supervisors: Jacob B. Natvig, Keith Thompson

Dr. med. M. Tigalonova. "IgG receptors and cytokines in skin and serum from healthy individuals and patients with psoriasis." Supervisors: Jens Roar Bjerke, Roald Matre


Dr. med. A-K. Halse "Autoimmunity to Ro/SSA and La/SSB in Sjögrens's syndrome."

Dr. med. T. Skeie Jensen. "Complement regulatory protein and factors with immunomodulatory properties in human reproduction."

Dr. med. P. Tengnér. "Immune responses to the Ro and La autoantigens."

Dr. scient. Stig Ove Böe. "The role of rev in pre-mRNA splicing and nuclear export of HIV-1 RNAs." Supervisor: Karl-Henning Kalland


Dr. med. Å. Aarli. "Annexin II - an IgG-binding protein with immunosuppressive properties."

Dr. odont. V. Vandevska-Radunovic. "Neural modulation of inflammatory reactions in rat dental tissues incident to orthodontic tooth movement."

Dr. med. K. Hordnes. "Mucosal immunity to group B streptococci in the female genital tract - prospects for development of a mucosal vaccine."

Dr. scient.  Abdullah El-Madhun. "Characteristics of the humoral immune response after parenteral influenza vaccination." Supervisors: Lars Reinhardt Haaheim, Rebecca Jane Cox


Dr. med Bård Ingvald Røsok. "Immunopathogenesis of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) infection." Supervisor: Birgitta Åsjö

Dr. odont M. Cuida. " Host defence factors in Sjögren's syndrome with special reference to calprotectin."

Dr. odont I. Fristad. "Dental innervation - functions and plasticity following peripheral injury."


Dr. med. Line Bjørge. "Complement regulatory proteins in malignancies."

Dr. odont Kathrine Skarstein. "Autoimmunity and pathogenesis of murine sialadenitis."

Dr. med. Johan G. Brun. "Calprotectin in inflammatory rheumatic diseases - clinical and experimental studies."

Dr. med. Einar Klæboe Kristoffersen. "Human placental Fc..-binding proteins in the maternofetal transfer of IgG."

Dr. scient. May Britt Kalvenes. "Rubella Virus antibodies in autoimmune chronic active hepatitis." Supervisors: Gunnar Haukenes, Karl-Henning Kalland


Dr. med. Elling Ulvestad. "Immunemediated demyelination in multiple sclerosis: a critical role for microglia."

Dr. philos. Carol Holm-Hansen. "Detection and characterization of HIV-1 from Tanzania and Romania." Supervisors: Birgitta Åsjö, Gunnar Haukenes

Dr. med. Siri Skulstad. " A study of the herpes simplex virus type 1 with emphasis on characterization of a new structural protein." Supervisors: Lars Haarr, Nina Langeland

Dr. scient. Karl Alberg Brokstad. "Qualitative, quantitative and kinetic aspects of the humoral immune response induced systemically and locally after influenza vaccination." Supervisor: Lars Reinhardt Haaheim

Dr. odont. Sissel Torgersen. "Biocompatibility of fixation devices used in maxillofacial surgery"


Dr. med. M. Wahren. "Autoimmunity to the Ro/SSA and La/SSB antigens in rheumatic disease"

Dr. med. Å. Mygland. "Autoantibodies in patients with myastenia gravis and thymoma: identification and characterization of anti-ryanodine receptor and anti-titin antobodies."

Dr. scient.  Anne Margrete Øyan. "Infection by herpes simplex virus. A study of the interaction between virus ligands and the cellular receptors." Supervisors: Lars Haarr, Nina Langeland

Dr.med. Reinhardt W. Flö. "A longitudinal study of phagocyte function and viral coinfection in HIV infected individuals." Supervisors: Gunnar Haukenes, Claus Ola Solberg

1962 - 1993

1993 Dr.med A.L. Wollen. "A morphological, immunohistochemical and biochemical study of the human fallopian tube - with special reference to women using an intrauterine contraceptive device."

1993 Dr. scient. Anne Marie Szilvay. "Antibody mediated characterization of the HIV-1 proteins reverse transcriptase, tat and rev." Supervisor: Dag Helland

1992 Dr. med. J.K. Livden. "Interferons and receptors for IgG in patients with psoriasis"

1990 Anne Christine Johannessen. "Immunological studies of apical and marginal periodontitis."

1990 Christian A. Vedeler "Receptors for IgG and for C3b/C4b in human peripheral nerves."

1989 Thormod Bjerkeset. "Colorectal cancer. Aspects on histopathology, immunology, treatment and prognosis."

1989 Dr. Med. Karl-Henning Kalland. "Studies on measles virus in lytic and persistent infections. Construction and use of measles virus specific nucleic acid probes. Supervisors: Gunnar Haukenes, Curt Endresen, Kjell Kleppe.

1989 Dr.med. Nina Langeland. "Virus - Host cell interaction in Herpes Simplex virus infection: Characterization of ligand - receptor interaction and cellular responses." Supervisors: Holm Holmsen, Lars Haarr.

1988 Alfred Halstensen. "Meningococcal disease - clinical and immunological studies."

1986 Carl W. Janssen. "Immunoglubulins, complement and carcioembryonic antigen in patients with gastric carcinoma."

1984 Nils Erik Gilhus "Effects of anti-epilepic drugs on the human immune system"

1983 Jens Roar Bjerke. "Immunological and histochemical studies on mononuclear cells in inflammatory skin lesions, with special reference to psoriasis."

1982 Harald Nyland. "Immunological markers in human nervous system, with special regard to demyelinating diseases"

1981 Finn Wesenberg. "IgG, other proteins and Fcy receptors associated with human malignant tissues."

1981 Are Næss. "Lympocyte subpopulations in cerebrospinal fluid and blood."

1979 Gudbrand Fossan. "IgG-antibodies in the humancerebrospinal fluid. Effect of phenytoin on the antibody response."

1979 Roald Matre. "Receptors in human tissue for IgG and for the third component of complement"

1976 Bjørn Haneberg. "Immunoglobulins in feces from infants and children."

1973 Bodil Larsen. "Immunoglobulins in hibernating and non-hibernating hedgehogs"

1972 Johan A. Aarli. "Muscle antibodies in myasthenia gravis"

1970 Hans-Kristian Krogh. "Antibodies to stratum corneum in man - with special reference to immune adherence with skin tissue sections."

1969 Johan A. Mæland. "Serological and chemical characterization of Neisseria gonorrhoeae endotoxin."

1966 Tor Hofstad. "Studies on the antigenic structure of th 80/81 complex of staphylococcus aureus".

1966 Jacob B. Natvig. "Studies on the specificities of yG-globulin anti-y-globulin factors in human sera"

1962 Olav Tønder. "Studies on the mechanism of the Waaler-Rose test"



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