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GFI/BCCR Seminar: Increase the value of your research

Anne-Sophie Schillinger and Elisabeth Silden (Bergen Teknologioverføring):

Increase the value of your research


As the Technology Transfer Office in Bergen, BTO supports research institutions in the region, from guiding good ideas towards commercialization of research and societal benefits. Innovation is one of the four social responsibilities in the Norwegian Act relating to universities, together with research, education and dissemination. BTO supports researchers developing innovative research ideas.

Why working with BTO? BTO works to develop innovation and commercialization of research in the Bergen Region. We are the regional centre of expertise for innovation and commercialisation of research results. Our owners are the University of Bergen, Haukeland University Hospital, the Institute of Marine Research, SIVA, Bergen University College and NHH. We also partnered with Christian Michelsen Research, Haraldsplass Diakonale Sykehus, Kunnskapsparken Sogn of Fjordane, NIFES, NOFIMA and Uni Research. We work on a daily basis with researchers and help them develop
their ideas so that their projects/products become available to the public.

The seminar will consist of a presentation hold by a business developer from BTO. Following that we would like to engage discussions with individual researchers who would be interested
sharing their ideas and developing collaborative work with BTO. Part of the seminar will be reserved for one on one meetings between a researcher and a business developer to discuss innovative research ideas. We hope that many of you will share their ideas!