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G.O. Sars: other technical specifications

tank capacities, antirolling tanks, main propulsion system, side thrusters, power generating plant, winches / cranes / handling equipment, laboratories, navigation and acoustic equipment

Tank capacities (approximate)

Fuel oil: 500 m3
Water ballast: 450 m3
Potable water: 170 m3
Hydraulic oil: 20 m3

Anti-rolling tanks

2x intering anti-rolling tanks approx 180 m3

Main propulsion system

Diesel electric propulsion plant
Two variable speed reversing DC propulsion motors in tandem with max total output of approx. 6MW, running at one fixed pitch, 5-bladed propeller.
Propeller diameter: 4200mm
Towing pull at 5 knots: 50t

Side thrusters (approximate power)

One azimuth thruster forward: 900kw
One tunnel thruster forward: 600kw
One tunnel thruster stern: 450kw

Power generating plant

3x 2700kw / 720 rpm generator sets

Winches, cranes, handling equipment

see a .pdf of the block scheme for the scientific winches
see a partial listing of towed equipment
see a partial listing of lowered equipment

1 anchor / mooring winch
1 capstand and one mooring winch
2x pelagic trawl winches, 60 t
2x demersal trawl winches, 35 t
1 net drum, 47 t
1 split net drum 2x11.5 t
2x double sweepline winches 13 t
2x single sweepline winches 13 t
2x Gilson winches 13 t
2x net sounder winches 5.6 t
1 outhaul winch 10 t
8x auxiliary winches 1.5 t
corer winch 150 kN
Mocness winch 120 kN
2x CTD winches 75 kN / 40 kN
multi-purpose sounder winch 75 kN
hydrographic / plankton winch 30 kN
deep tow winch 75 kN
multinet / Mocness winch 75 kN
seismic streamer winch 7 t (mobile)
seismic gun winch (mobile)
SeaSoar winch 1 t
ROTV winch 1.7 t
ROV winch 3.2 t
2x overhead handling / deployment cranes in hangar (capacity acc to winches)
CDT davit
Plankton winch beam
2x elbow derrick cranes 4 t / 14 m
1x elbow derrick crane 6 t / 12 m
1x elbow derrick crane 2 t / 16 m
1x elbow derrick crane 2 t / 10 m
gamma / A-frame in stern 8 t


wet lab - fish sampling / chemical sampling
dry lab / analysis plankton
chemical room
water sampling lab / CTD
mounting lab electronic equipment
environmental hangar
clean seawater sampling room
lab for inorganic / organic chemistry
geology / sediments
chilled / climate controlled room
cold store / freezer compartment
operation centre

Navigation and acoustic equipment

Ecdis / Aut Nav and track keeping system
2 radars
2x dGPS, Loran C
2x gyros / 2x autopilots
2x drop keels for transducers
hydroacoustic instrumentation
echo sounders: 18, 38, 70, 120, 200, 400 kHz
nav. and penetration echo sounder systems
parametric sub. bottom profiler TOPAS PS 018
high frequency research sonar system
multibeam echo sounder: 95, 30 kHz
ADPC system (75+ 150 kHz)
Retractable HiPAP and low frequency system
Trawl hydrophone system
Hydrophone system for multisampler
Multibeam sonars EM300 / EM1002

see the layout of the ship

more equipment pages:

hydroacoustic instrumentation, dropkeel
lowered equipment
multibeam sonar
multibeam echo sounder EM 300
multibeam echo sounder EM 1002
parametric sub. bottom profiler TOPAS PS 018
towed equipment

.pdf file of GO Sars instrumentation, November 2001

taken from vaskeseddel.pdf 07.02.02

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