Masterdag/master student gathering

A half-day seminar for Master’s Degree Students at the Department of Informatics.

 Kl. 09.15    Welcome (coffee + tea)

 Kl. 09:30    Research/study after your master degree?

What is it like to be a PhD? With PhD student Erik Parmann.

 Kl  10.00    Participation in conferences

Do you want to participate in a conference during your master? Did you know that you can get financial support from the department? Master student Stian Fauskanger tells you about his trip to the ICE conference.

 Kl. 10.30    Finding, reading and citing relevant scientific literature

The scientific literature is vast and sometimes difficult to navigate. This mini-course will point you to useful tools that can help you find relevant material. You will learn to search for scientific articles in both general and field-specific databases and how to get access to full-text versions of the texts. We will also discuss correct citation techniques and ethics. Finally there will also be an introduction to reference management and formatting, with focus on BibTeX.

          By Simon M. Mitternacht, Senior Academic Librarian, the University Science Library.


Kl. 12.00    Free lunch

Kl. 12.45    How to write a master thesis?

Some advice on how to write and structure a master thesis.

By professor Fredrik Manne.

Kl. 13.30    Finish

For binding registration, send an e-mail to, within Thursday 10. October. Limited capacity, so ”first come - first served”.

(If you are a vegetarian, or have any allergies etc., let us know.)