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Introducing public media in the A-CH-D-region

The talk is seeking to introduce you to the system(s) of public media in the german-speeking countries of Austria, Switzerland and Germany (A-CH-D-region). It focuses on the production (media ownership, cost), the financing (public funding, revenues from advertising), the distribution (media titles, copies, channels, program hours per day), the regulation (self, by media law), and the reception (number of subscriptions of newspapers and magazines, audience and market shares) of mainly print media, television, and radio.

Furthermore, it will address recent developments in the traditional media (‘crisis of print journalism’, that is i.e the decrease in the number of copies sold, losses in the revenues from advertising, decreases in the number of people working within editorial departments) that are caused by or coincidentally happened with the emergence of magazines and newspapers online, new media offers (like 'Perspective Daily'), and social media.

Presentation by Jens Woelke, Universität Münster.