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Anders Baerheim, professor in General Practice

Below I have listed some of my activities. If you share some of my interests, why not send me a mail?

Anders Baerheim
Division for General Practice
Department of Public Health and Primary Health Care 7804, N-5020 Bergen, Norway
Tlf. +47 55 58 61 40
Fax. +47 55 58 61 30

Training, work, academic activities
Born in Oslo 02.10.48
I started out as a district doctor / general practitioner in 1978, got the PhD in 1994, and became a professor in general practice in 1999. See my CV for details.

Teaching activities
I have been the organiser of the teaching activities at Division for general Practice since 1989 through four major curriculum changes. The internal teaching milieu has been developed through encouraging co-work and peer feedback on teaching performance, including 2-weekly teaching meetings and a yearly internal teaching workshop.

My focus has during these years moved from teaching to the student's learning, and our teaching milieu has increasingly focused on empowering the student for participation and professional dialogue. A central part of our curriculum is a consultation course, based on feedback to the students on performance. We have developed this in collaboration with teaching milieus in Belgium, England, USA, and Denmark.

Research activities (for selected publications, click on subtitles)

Complete list of publications (RTF)

Lower urinary tract infection
Some results:

  • Typical symptoms are highly predictive for acute, uncomplicated cystitis
  • Symptomatic outcome on antibiotic treatment is independent of degree of bacteriuria
  • Despite alarming reports on bacterial resistance, actual resistance levels in among patients in general practice are still fairly low.
Preventive measures may be relevant in recurrent cystitis, which necessitate research on etiological mechanisms. My research has addressed:
  • Being cold as an etiological factor
  • Missing effect of vaginally applied lactobacilli in probiotic prophylaxis of frequently recurrent cystitis.
  • Acupuncture in the prophylaxis of frequently recurrent cystitis.
  • 1-3-5+ days treatment for acute uncomplicated cystitis? A Cochrane review with symptomatic outcome as main effect parameter.

Alternative medicine
During the years, I have tutored several smaller projects on acupuncture, zone reflexology, earth rays.

Educational research
Concrete themes have been the quality assurance of our clinical examination, and our consultation course. More recent projects:

  • Moving focus from control to learning by letting medical students make questions for their own written final examination.
  • Students evaluation of preceptorship in general practice

Current project:
  • The EKKO project. Monitoring medical students communication skills, a nation-wide study.
  • Interactive, step-by-step teaching of difficult consultations, using an actress as patient.
  • Preclinical students in the doctor's chair, what happens?
Other research activity
On a more or less con amore base, I have looked into doctors' knowledge acquisition during the consultation process. The focus has been on the diagnostic process, and I have argued that it has a two-phased partly narrative structure.

I have completed tutorship of three candidates, and have one more in the process.

In 1996 Hogne Sandvik and I got the IG Nobel Prize in Biology.

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