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Bente E. Moen, Professor, Section for Occupational Medicine

Below I have given a brief summary of my main research interests. If you share my interest in any of these topics, why not send me a mail? This is a short version of my CV.

Name: Bente E. Moen, professor, dr. med.
Birth: 060656
Work address: Section for Occupational Medicine
Institute of Public Health and Primary Health Care
University of Bergen
Kalfarveien 31, N-5018 Bergen, Norway
Telephone +47 55 58 61 12

Occupational epidemiology
My main area of research is in "occupational epidemiology". Epidemiology is a very useful tool in preventive occupational medicine, especially when epidemiological studies are connected to exposure studies. My major research projects earlier have been in the field of neurotoxicology, where I have concentrated on effects of organic solvents and other petroleum products on the human nervous system.

Developing countries
The past years, I have had the pleasure to co-operate with collegues in developing countries. We have started several studies concerning "Respiratory problems among workers in dusty industries". This topic is very interesting.

Reproduction and work
The past year my interest for reproduction and work has increase. I now participate in two studies on reproduction among hairdressers, and is planning a study related to reproduction and exposure to electromagnetic fields. This is a difficult but very exiting area.

Maritime medicine
Some of my major studies have been performed among seamen exposed to organic solvents during transport on tankers. The past years I have been working with chemical hazards among offshore workers in the petroleum industry.

My curriculum vitae (August 2006)




Surveillance have been given to these PhD students:

Surveillance is today given to seven doctoral students working on their theses:

At present I am the leader of the following research groups:

  1. Health. Environment and Safety in the Navy
  2. Health, Environment and Safety in the Petroleum industry
  3. Dusty industries in developing countries


SELECTED PUBLICATIONS 2001-2005 (original articles, books and book chapters)

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