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Eivind Meland, Professor
Section for General Practice

Below I have given a brief summary of my main research interests. If you share my interest in any of these topics, why not send me a mail?

Eivind Meland, 120950
The Department of Public Health and Primary Health Care
University of Bergen
N-5018 Bergen

Foto: Guro Waksvik

blueI have been a general practitioner since 1978. Presently I work 1/2 time as a family physician in a sub-urban area outside Bergen. I am also appointed as professor 1/2 time at The Department of Public Health and Primary Health Care at The University of Bergen. My doctoral thesis was on management of coronary heart disease risk in general practice. I have conducted a multi centre trial on opportunistic sreening of CHD risk factors, on GPs' accuracy of risk assessment and their management concerning life style advice faced with high risk patients. We compare a patient centred, self determined intervention with conventional care in a controlled study.

blueAs a researcher I have since long been interested in dietary treatment of hypertension: low salt diets and fish oil supplements. Presently we conduct a controlled trial on low salt diets' influence on blood pressure and insulin resistance. My third research agenda has been on diagnostic performance faced with patients with sore throat. Both as a researcher and clinician I have been interested in the ethical issues of prevention.

blueAs a clinician I have a special interest in medical psychology and management of depression. The cognitive therapy has been point of departure into medical philosophy for me.

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