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Articles will be distributed in Adobe Acrobat PDF format with the original fonts often embedded in the files. Adobe fonts as well as fonts owned by Linotype-Hell AG, International Typeface Corporation, Agfa-Gevaert, Fundición Typográfica Neufville, and Monotype Typography, Ltd., may be embedded in Adobe PDF files and distributed freely. Permission may be needed to distribute PDF files containing other embedded fonts, and authors using fonts from other sources should consult with the font supplier.

The fonts recommended by the Journal for transliteration are Times New Roman (Vista version), JaghbUni, Gentium, and Doulos SIL. Links to the last three can be found on Kunt S. Vikør’s page mentioned below. If you do not own Vista and wish to use the Vista version of Times New Roman, the font may be purchased separately from Monotype Imaging.

Some “standard” Arabic fonts, because of licensing restrictions, cannot be embedded in PDF files. This applies to the usual favorites, “Simplified Arabic” and “Traditional Arabic” for the PC. Even if you do not use these fonts, but one of them is named as your complex font in your formatting, we will not be able to produce a PDF file! Please use Times New Roman Arabic, if it suits your needs, or download Akhbar MT,” or some other unrestricted font. If you use “Simplified Arabic” or “Traditional Arabic,” we will have to reformat everything you do.

The best summary of diacritic fonts for Arabic is probably to be found on Knut S. Vikørs’s page “Arabic Home Page” for the Mac, which also contains valuable information for PC users.

Because the Journal no longer distributes files requiring installation of the JAIS1 font, files referring to this font have been deleted.

Last modified October 22, 2007.

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