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Informatics' Walkabout: Fjellveien

The Informatic's mountain hikes are well know by all at the Department. For 2014, we will try a new concept with shorter and not so steep tours at a much easier pace. As the main goal for these walks is to come together across group borders, we believe that even these “walkabouts” without defined mountain peaks might serve the mission well. With this we also hope to enlarge the target group for the tours.


We will stick to the first Tuesday every month at 13.00. Thus the upcoming Tuesday, 4th February, we will join for a walkabout along Fjellveien. This is the most famous road in Bergen, used for many bergeners for their Sunday walk through more than a century. Fjellveien is more than 4,6 kilometres long, and was constructed between 1879 and 1906. The financial funding of the road came from the Bergen Brandy Association, thus the road was nick-named the “brandy walk”.


We start by taking a bus to Amalie Skrams vei in Sandviken, and then we walk along Fjellveien as long as we would like to, preferably all the way to Bellevue. More information will be issued in an e-mail just before the weekend, but please register already today, by sending an e-mail to Anne. It looks like the dry and cold weather will continue also next week, and it will be a very nice stroll along this road with such a nice view over the city.