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Torstein Jørgensen: Penance and Remission – The Wanderings of Pilgrims

The lecture is based on the exhibition Fragments of the Past which is a collaborative project between the Centre for Medieval Studies (CMS) and the University Museum, and is part of the University’s priority areas for medieval research.  

Lectures and Themes Spring 2012 

- Penance and Remission & Sagas and Saga Writing

  • Wednesday 29 February at 19.00: Hilde Inntjore: “Eternal Life in this Life on Earth”
  • Wednesday 14 March at 18.00 (Please note time change!): Torstein Jørgensen: "Penance and Remission – The Wanderings of Pilgrims"
  • Wednesday 28 March at 19.00: Jonas Wellendorf: "A Useful Old Norse Literature"
  • Wednesday 11 April at 19.00: Else Mundal: "The Saga Authors and Bergen"

The project Fragments of the Past will extend over two years and consists of themed exhibitions that will change every 6 months and a lecture series that will explore the themes of the exhibition.  
This is the third part of the exhibition project.