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Anna Lipniacka


Subatomær fysikk

Institutt for fysikk og teknologi

Hjemmeside: http://web.ift.uib.no/~lipniack

Stilling: professor

Telefon: 55 58 28 03


Besøksadresse: Allegt. 55

High Energy Physics, Experimental Particle Physics  http://lipniack.home.cern.ch/lipniack/research.html , CERN , ATLAS experiment http://atlas.ch/, Dark Matter, Supersymmetry

The smallest and the biggest structures in the Universe.

Nonrelativistic Quantum Mechanics, so called PHYS201. http://web.ift.uib.no/~lipniack/phys201_v08/ . Few other things that do no have their web pages at the time

Atlas experiment at CERN, Cosmic Muon Telescope at the University of Bergen http://www.ift.uib.no/?mode=show_page&link_id=153048&sublink_id=153051&toplink_id=144744