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Arild Aakvik


Institutt for økonomi

Hjemmeside: http://people.uib.no/secaa

Stilling: professor

Telefon: 55 58 92 39


Besøksadresse: Fosswinckelsgate 14

Romnummer: 414

  • Social Program Evaluation (H43)
  • Micro-econometrics (C21 and C31)
  • Early Retirement (J26)
  • Education Economics (I21)
  • Health Economics (I12)
  • Welfare Programs (I38)
  • Vocational Rehabilitation (J14)
  • Environmental Economics (Q5)
  • Intergenerational Mobility (J62)

Publikasjoner i Cristin

To download published articles see: http://people.uib.no/secaa/

Selected publications:

17. "Intergenerational Earnings Mobility Revisited: Estimates Based on Lifetime Earnings." Scandinavian Journal of Economics, 114(1), pp 1-23, 2012. With Øivind Anti Nilsen, Kjell Vaage, and Karl Åge Jacobsen. (UHR Level 2 - Economics).

16. "Do Collective Actions Clear Common Air? The Effect of International Environmental Protocols on Sulphur Emissions." European Journal of Political Economy, 27, pp 343-351, 2011. With Sigve Tjøtta. (UHR Level 1 - Economics).

15. "Overworked? The relationship between workload and health worker performance in rural Tanzania." Journal of Health Economics, 29, pp 686-698, 2010. With Ottar Mæstad and Gaute Torsvik. (UHR Level 2 - Health Science).

14. "Measuring heterogeneity in the returns to education using an education reform." European Economic Review, 54, pp 483-500, 2010. With Kjell Gunnar Salvanes and Kjell Vaage. (UHR Level 2 - Economics).

13. "Does variation in general practitioner (GP) practice matter for the length of sick leave? A multilevel analysis based on Norwegian GP--patient data." Social Science and Medicine, 70, pp 1590-1598, 2010. With Tor Helge Holmås and M. Kamrul Islam. (UHR Level 2 - Health Science).

12. "Variation in practice: A questionnaire survey of how congruence in attitudes between doctors and patients influence referral decisions." Medical Decision Making, 28, pp. 262-268, 2008. With Benedicte Carlsen and Ole Frithjof Norheim. (UHR Level 1 - Health Science).

11. "Access to Primary Health Care and Health Outcomes: The Relationships between GP Characteristics and Mortality Rates." Journal of Health Economics, 25, 1139-1153, 2006. With Tor Helge Holmås. (UHR Level 2 - Health Science).

10. "Patient involvement in clinical decision-making: The effect of GP attitude on patient satisfaction." Health Expectations, 9, pp. 148-157, 2006. With Benedicte Carlsen. (UHR Level 1 - Health Science).

9. "Transitions to employment from labour market enterprises in Norway." International Journal of Social Welfare, 15: 121-130, 2006. With Svenn-Åge Dahl. (UHR Level 2 - Health and Social Science).

8. "Late careers and career exits in Norway." In H.-P. Blossfeld, S. Buchholz and D. Hofäcker (eds): Globalization, Uncertainty and Late Careers in Society. London: Routledge, 235-254, 2006. With Kjell Vaage and Svenn-Åge Dahl.

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6. "Estimating treatment effects for discrete outcomes when responses to treatment vary: an application to Norwegian vocational rehabilitation programs." Journal of Econometrics, 125(1-2), pp. 15-51, 2005. With JJ Heckman and EJ Vytlacil. (UHR Level 2 - Economics).

5. "Estimating the employment effects of education for disabled workers in Norway." Empirical Economics 28(3), pp. 515-533, 2003. (UHR Level 1 - Economics). Reprinted in (ed.) Badi Baltagi, Panel Data, Theory and Applications, Physica-Verlag, A Springer-Verlag Company, 2004.

4. "A low-key social insurance reform - effects of multidisciplinary outpatient treatment for back pain patients in Norway." Journal of Health Economics, 22(5), pp. 747-762, 2003. With TH Holmås and E Kjerstad. (UHR Level 2 - Health Science).

3. "Skill formation among vocational rehabilitation clients - public policy versus private incentives." Education Economics, 11(3), pp. 219-237, 2003. With Egil Kjerstad. (UHR Level 1 - Education).

2. "Bounding a matching estimator: the case of a Norwegian training program." Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, 63(1), pp. 115-143, 2001. (UHR Level 2 - Economics). Becker and Caliendo (2007) has written a Stata program for this estimator.

1. "Three training parameters within a semiparametric factor model." Bulletin of the International Statistical Institute, 52 (Conference Journal), pp. 461-464, 1999. With JJ Heckman and EJ Vytlacil.


  • ECON 220 Velferdstatens økonomi (The economics of the welfare state)
  • ECON 340 Økonometri I (Econometrics I)
  • ECON 343 Empirisk forskningsdesign (Empirical research design)
  • ECON 341 Økonometri II (Econometrics II)
  • Pensjonsreform og seleksjon: Økonomisk tilpassing til opptent pensjonsgrunnlag i alderstrygda. 2008 - 2009 / Prosjektnummer 801919, Rokkansenteret.
  • Evaluering av NAV-reformen - 2007 - 2014 / Prosjektnummer 801101, Rokkansenteret.
  • CMI projects related to health economics in Tanzania, 2007-2010.
  • Trygdeøkonomi, 2010-2016. NFR.