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Beatriz Maria Boasso Balino


Stilling: seniorkonsulent

Telefon: 55 58 49 79

Mobiltelefon: 934 07 680 SMS


Besøksadresse: Allégaten 70, 5008 Bergen

Romnummer: M129


  • Academic research: fjord ecology; theoretical studies of phytoplankton dynamics and ecosystem modelling; sea ranching of cod.
  • Applied industrial research: development of novel methodologies in aquaculture for the rearing of halibut and turbot.
  • Research consultancy: contribution to a national strategic plan on marine pollution



Scientist with sixteen years of experience in research management, administration and policy of multidisciplinary projects and programmes on Global Environmental Change research, both at the national and international levels. Proficiency in support of scientific activities such as strategic planning, scientific policy; coordination and management of research projects, forging communication channels among scientists and institutions worldwide, fund raising and organisation of meetings/conferences. Skilled secretary to boards, executive committees and leader groups. Proficient in communication to the scientific community, stakeholders and the general public. Broad outreach, editorial and language skills.


 Research Management and Policy

Experience in management of multidisciplinary international projects and programmes in global environmental change research integrating the disciplines of oceanography, meteorology, biogeochemistry, ecological and climatic modelling, palaeoclimatology, geophysics, geology and marine biology. Strategic planning and implementation of research activities: collation of information, initiation and follow-up of activities and actions. Preparation of policy documents (e.g. hearings). Project management and monitoring. Forging of communication channels among scientists and working groups worldwide. Collation of information on national and regional programmes. Fund raising for research and outreach activities through major research funding agencies (Research Council of Norway, European Commission, National Science Foundation, NordForsk, etc): assistance and guidance in proposal preparations, input coordination to workplans and calls, project management. Organisation of seminars, workshops and international conferences of up to 800 participants. Preparation of meeting's agendas and minutes.

 National and International Engagement

Member of national and international committees and expert/discussion groups with duties in inter-project strategy planning and implementation of activities. Extensive participation in international science meetings with representation duties as well as responsibilities as co-organiser, session chair/moderator and rapporteur. Promotion of international collaboration with research institutions and agencies worldwide.

 Outreach, editorial and language skills

Editor of research reports and design of promotion material (e.g. brochures, posters). Articles in newsletters. Presentations at international science meetings and conferences worldwide. Experience in web design and editorial work (webmaster). Liaison with the mass media. Fluent in English, Norwegian and Spanish.




  • Dr. scient., Dept .of Marine Biology, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, University of Bergen, Norway (1996)
  • Cand. scient., Dept. of Marine Biology, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences,  University of Bergen, Norway (1990)
  • Licenciado en Oceanografía Biológica (BSc in Biological Oceanography). Faculty of Humanities and Sciences,  Universidad de la Republica, Uruguay (1982)




  Institusjon Stilling
Geofysisk Institutt, UiB
2007-2009  Forskningsavdelingen, UIB
Seniorrådgiver for marin forskning
2006-2007 International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme. Secretariat, Stockholm Deputy Director, Natural Sciences
2001-2006 Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research Prosjektkoordinator
JGOFS International Project Office Assistant Executive Officer
 1994-1996  Institutt for fiskeri og marinbiologi, UiB
  •  Statens Forurensingstilsyn
  • HOV-senteret for overvåkning og varsling
 1991-1994 IBM Bergen Environmental Center
 1989-1990 AS MOWI 


Peer reviewed scientific articles

Fasham, M.J., B.M. Balino and M.C. Bowles (eds.). 2001. A new vision of Ocean Biogeochemistry after a decade of the Joint Global Ocean Flux Study (JGOFS). AMBIO special report 10, May 2001, 30 pp

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PhD dissertation

Balino, B.M. 1996. Eutrophication of the North Sea: 1980-1990: an evaluation of anthropogenic nutrient inputs using a 2D phytoplankton production model,  284 pp



Balino, B. and E. Jansen (eds). 2004. Annual report of the Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research:  Centre of Excellence activities. 24 pp

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Balino, B.M., H.B. Botnen, V. Fleming, A-M. Ruokangas and Ø. F. Tvedten. 1993. Deep benthos in the Nordic Seas. A  seminar report BFM 402. IFM report series 17, 85 pp

Martinsen, E.A., H. Engedhal, G. Ottersen, B. Ådlandsvik, H. Loeng, and B.Balino. 1992. Climatological and hydrographical data for hindcast of ocean currents. MOMOP (MetOcean MOdeling Project) final report. The Norwegian Meteorological Institute, Techical report No. 100, 93 pp

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Hamre, K., B. Balino, and J.I. Nielsen. 1989. Halibut fry 1989G. A/S MOWI annual report, 34 pp

Balino, B. and K. Hamre. 1988. Extensive rearing of turbot larvae. A/S MOWI annual report, 50 pp.



Articles in the US JGOFS News

Balino, B., 1999. New Data and Information System Steering Group Sets Agenda. Vol.10. No. 1

Balino, B. and R.K. Lowry, 1999. JGOFS data managers and modellers address common concerns. Vol. 9 No. 4

Balino, B., 1998. Developing an information management system for IGBP. Vol. 9 No. 3

Hanson, R., B. Balino and J. Stokke, 1998. JGOFS SSC meets in Cape Town to honor former chairman. Vol. 9 No. 2.

  • Norwegian Research School in Climate Dynamics (ResClim, www.resclim.no) 2009-2016. Project Manager
  • Svalbard Integrated Earth System Observatory System (SIOS). 2010-2013. Participant WP1

Research Management

  • Development of the research strategy and implementation of research activities of the Bjerknes Centre-UiB together with Centre leader Prof. Tore Furevik 
  • Promotion and coordination of interdisciplinary and inter-faculty climate research at UiB

 External funding

  • Fund raising, funding grants information; application procedures and quality controll

 Research Training

  • Implementation and mangement of the Norwegian Research School in Climate Dynamics (ResClim)
  • Research career development (PhD fellows, young scientists)

 International cooperation

  • Fostering of cooperation and communication among research partners at the national and international levels


  • Secretary to the Board of the Bjerknes Centre-UiB
  • Secretary to the Board of the Centre for Climate Dynamics