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Christoph Heinze


Geofysisk institutt


Hjemmeside: http://www.bjerknes.uib.no/pages.asp?kat=133&pid=44&lang=2

Stilling: professor

Telefon: 55 58 98 44

Mobiltelefon: 975 57 119 SMS


Besøksadresse: Allegt. 70

Modelling of marine biogeochemical cycles.

Quantifications of the global carbon cycle.

Simulation and interpretation of the climatic sediment record.

Feedbacks between biogeochemistry and climate.

Ocean acidification.

Prognostic 3-D simulations with biogeochemical ocean general circulation models.

Marine carbon and silicon cycles.

Early diagenesis modelling including synthetic sediment cores.

Simulations of oceanic tracers including transient tracers and radionuclides.

Earth system modelling.

Publikasjoner i Cristin

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Chemical Oceanography GEOF236, GEOF336

Polar Oceanography GEOF335