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Dorothy Jane Dankel


Senter for vitenskapsteori

Hjemmeside: http://www.dorothydankel.blogspot.com

Stilling: forsker

Telefon: 55 58 29 66

Mobiltelefon: 958 37 776 SMS


Besøksadresse: Allégaten 34, 2nd floor

Romnummer: 200


Populasjonsdynamikk (matematiskemodeller)

Tverfagelige studier innen fornybarressursforvaltning

Science/policy interface

PhD (UiB, 2009) i fiskeriforvaltning

Msc (UiB, 2004) fiskeribiologi og forvaltning

Bach.Arts (Hillsdale College, biologi og fransk)

Publikasjoner i Cristin


PhD dissertation: https://bora.uib.no/handle/1956/3582

Dankel, D. J., R. Aps,  Padda, G., Röckmann, C., van der Sluijs, J. P., Wilson, D. C., and Degnbol, P. 2012. "Advice under uncertainty in the marine system." ICES Journal of Marine Science: Journal du Conseil 69(1): 3-7. 

Delgado, A., S. Funtowicz, Dankel, D.J. (2012). "Super-computers, evolution and the fabrication of life: How can Science and Technology Studies (STS) contribute to morereflexive developments in systems and synthetic biology?  ." International Journal of Social Ecology and Sustainable Development (forthcoming).

Dankel, DJ; Skagen, DW and Ulltang, Ø. 2008. "Fisheries management in practice: A review of 13 commercially-important fish stocks " Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries 18 201-233. 

Dankel, DJ; Jacobson, N; Georgianna, D and Cadrin, SX. 2009. Can we increase haddock yield within the constraints of the Magnuson-Stevens Act? Fisheries Research 100:240-247.



Anne Maria Eikeset, Andries P. Richter, Florian K. Diekert, Dorothy J. Dankel and Nils Chr. Stenseth. Unintended consequences sneak in the back door: wise use of regulations in fisheries management. In Ecosystem Based Management for Marine Fisheries: An Evolving Perspective. (2011) Andrea Belgrano and Charles W. Fowler (Editors). Cambridge University Press (in press)

Dankel, DJ; Heino, M and Dieckmann, U. 2012. “Can stakeholder conflicts of objectives be reconciled in marine fisheries management?” Manuscript.

Dankel, DJ; Heino, M and Skagen, DW. 2012. “A theoretical approach to harvest control rules”. Manuscript.

Anne Maria Eikeset, Andries P. Richter, Dorothy J. Dankel, Erin S. Dunlop, Mikko Heino, Ulf Dieckmann and Nils Chr. Stenseth. 2012. A bio-economic analysis of alternative harvest control rules for North East Arctic cod - a counterfactual scenario. Submitted.


tilgjenglig for alle typer foredrag, gjerne om dannelse

2010-2013: Reflexive Systems Biology: Towards an appreciation of biological, scientific, and ethical complexity

1109 Forsker i prosjektet "Reflexive Systems Biology", Senter for Vitenskapsteori (SVT), UiB

Postdoc i prosjektet "ADMAR: Adaptive Management of Marine Resources" ved Havforskningsinstituttet, Bergen