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  • Arctic sea ice and its influence on high- and mid-latitude climate
  • Large-scale atmospheric and oceanic processes
  • Impacts of changes in the cryosphere on hydrology
  • Awareness and understanding of linkages between climate change and human societies in the general public
  • Knudsen, E.M., and J.E. Walsh, Northern Hemisphere storminess in the Norwegian Earth System Model (NorESM1-M), Geosc. Model Dev. Discuss., 7, 8975-9015, 2014
  • Knudsen, E.M., Y.J. Orsolini, T. Furevik and K.I. Hodges, Observed anomalous atmospheric patterns in summers of unusual Arctic sea ice melt, J. Geophys. Res., [subm.]
  • Chen, L., E.M. Knudsen, X. Fettweis and O.M. Johannesen, Mass changes of the Greenland Ice Sheet and associated cyclone/anticyclone activity, [in prep.].
  • Knudsen, E.M., D.W.J. Thompson and T. Furevik, Evidence of continental warming due to Arctic sea ice loss, [in prep.]


  • 2011-(15): University of Bergen - PhD in climate dynamics
  • 2009-11: University of Bergen - Master's degree in climate dynamics
  • 2006-09: University of Bergen - Bachelor's degree in meteorology and oceanography


  • 2011: University of Bergen - Research assistant (full time, 1 month)
  • 2008-11: StormGeo AS, Bergen (Norway) - Meteorologist assistant and coordinator (part time, 25-33 %)
  • 2010: Will Steger, Ely, MN (USA) - Voluntary as a handy man (full time, 2 weeks)
  • 2004-2007: Several part time jobs in various fields
  • 2000-2009: Several honorary posts in sports, school and Christian youth organizations


  • 2012: Nansen-Zhu International Research Centre, Beijing (China) - Summer school on monsoon variability and climatic teleconnections
  • 2011: Bert Bolin Centre for Climate Research, Abisko (Sweden) - Summer school on Arctic climate
  • 2011: Norwegian Research School in Climate Dynamics, Longyearbyen (Svalbard/Norway) - Summer school on the role of sea ice in the climate system
  • 2009: University of Minnesota, Minneapolis (USA) - Summer institute in climate change and sustainable development (organized by U.S.-Norway Fulbright Foundation for Educational Exchange)


  • 2012/13: L. Meltzers Høyskolefond for the support of particular talented students at the University of Bergen - Funding for research trips in connection with the visiting researcher period at CSU
  • 2012/13: Fulbright Fellowship - To pursue PhD level studies at CSU during the visiting researcher period
  • 2010/11: L. Meltzers Høyskolefond for the support of particular talented students at the University of Bergen - Funding for a research trip to the region downstream of Himalaya
  • 2015: Bjerknessenteret for Klimaforskning Fast Track Initiative - Overingeniør
  • 2011-14: Impact of Blue Arctic on Climate at High Latitudes (BlueArc) - PhD candidate
  • 2010-11: The Influence of Snow and Ice Changes on Water Resources in Himalaya (SnowHim) - Student at the master's level