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Bøker og bokkapitler:

- Esmeralda Colombo, “Uncomfortably Numb: The Role of National Courts for Access to Justice in Climate Matters” in J. Jendrośka – M. Bar –  M. Reese (eds), Procedural Environmental Rights: Principle X in Theory and Practice, Intersentia, 2017 (forthcoming).

- Esmeralda Colombo, El Sistema: musica per la politica criminale, Firenze Atheneum, Florence, 2014, 448 pp.

- Esmeralda Colombo, “Associazione a delinquere di stampo mafioso - Il business dei rifiuti” in B. Fiammella (ed.), Pareri e Atti svolti di diritto penale. Speciale Esame di Avvocato 2014, Altalex Professionale - Esami&Concorsi, Milan, 2014, pp. 112-118. Republished in the same collection in 2017.


- Esmeralda Colombo, “The Quest for Cosmopolitan Justice in Climate Matters”, Nordisk Miljörättslig Tidskrift (2018), Issue 1 (forthcoming);

- Esmeralda Colombo, “Enforcing International Climate Change Law in Domestic Courts: A New Trend of Cases for Boosting Principle 10 of the Rio Declaration?”, UCLA Journal of Environmental Law and Policy (2016), Volume 35, Issue 1, 98, http://escholarship.org/uc/item/7g98s7f3;

- Esmeralda Colombo, “Enforcing International Law in US Courts: The LOS Convention at Play in Kivalina”, ILSA Journal of International & Comparative Law (2016), Volume 23, Issue 1, 106-144.


- Jørn Øyrehagen Sunde – Esmeralda Colombo, “Klimasøksmål, neste steg”, Klassekampen, 26 September 2017, p.20-21, republished as Jørn Øyrehagen Sunde – Esmeralda Colombo, Look to Norway – Klimasøksmål i klimaendringane sin tidsperiode, Energi og Klima, 26 September 2017, https://energiogklima.no/kommentar/look-to-norway/;

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- Esmeralda Colombo, “Stater trekkes for retten”, Energi og Klima, 7 September 2017, https://energiogklima.no/kommentar/stater-trekkes-for-retten/ (Norwegian version of the above article);

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- Esmeralda Colombo, “‘El Sistema’ (Venezuela): una questione di giustizia”, NewsMAGAZINE, Catholic University of Milan, n. 26, Fall 2012;

- Esmeralda Colombo, “A Cosmopolitan Greening Change: Yes, We Can!”, in Sommet(s) (Switzerland), July 2009, pp. 34 - 37.

  • Sunde, Jørn Øyrehagen; Colombo, Esmeralda. 2017. Klimasøksmål, neste steg. Klassekampen. 20-21. Publisert 2017-09-25.

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Access to National Courts and Effective Remedies in Climate Change Cases / Tilgang til domstol og effektive rettsmidler i klimasøksmål