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Kjetil Ullaland


Elektronikk og målevitenskap

Institutt for fysikk og teknologi

Hjemmeside: http://web.ift.uib.no/~kjetil

Stilling: professor

Telefon: 55 58 28 71

Mobiltelefon: 957 68 437 SMS


Besøksadresse: Allegt. 55


The microelectronics activity includes design, simulation, production and testing of analogue and mixed analogue-digital VLSI systems. Sensor interface electronics is an important field. The Microelectronics group work in close cooperation with the Measurement Science group, the Space physics and the Subatomic physics sections. Common interests are development of fast, compact, low-effect and radiation-hard electronics for space crafts and rockets, and within the development of multi channel electronics for industrial instrumentation and high energy physics.