Lars Thore Fadness bilde

Lars Thore Fadnes

Postdoktor, Senter for internasjonal helse
Senter for internasjonal helse
  • E-postLars.Fadnes@uib.no
  • Telefon+47 55 58 83 89
  • Besøksadresse
    Jussbygg II, Jekteviksbakken 31
    Overlege Danielsens Hus, Room 227
  • Postadresse
    Postboks 7804
    5020 Bergen

- Global Health
- Child nutrition and health  
- Nutrition in the context of HIV
- Vaccination programs

- Experimental epidemiology

- Nutritional anthropometry

- Vaccination analysis with R commander

- R & R commander - how to get started with the analyses

- Health consequences of climate change

- Nutrition of infants in the context of HIV

- Prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV

- PhD-degree (2011-06-03) at University of Bergen with the following thesis  
“Counselling, child growth and feeding of children in Uganda in the era of HIV:
Contexts and consequences”

- Diploma in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (DTM&H) at LSHTM

- The Medical Student Research Program 2003-2009

- Medical doctor, cand.med. from University of Bergen 2002-2009