Siv Hjorth Dundass bilde

Siv Hjorth Dundas

  • E-postSiv.Dundas@uib.no
  • Telefon+47 55 58 35 24
  • Besøksadresse
    Realfagbygget, Allègt. 41
  • Postadresse
    Postboks 7803
    5020 Bergen

I am working in the ICP-MS lab where I am responsible for analytical work of different kinds and for maintenance/daily operation.

The lab is equipped with an ElementXR HR-ICP-MS, an Attom HR-ICP-MS, a Plasma II MC-ICP-MS, an ICap ICP-AES and laser abaltion units.

  • Chang, Mei-Yu; Geffen, Audrey J.; Košler, Jan; Dundas, Siv Hjorth; Maes, Gregory E. 2012. The effect of ablation pattern on LA-ICPMS analysis of otolith element composition in hake, Merluccius merluccius. Environmental Biology of Fishes. 95: 509-520. doi: 10.1007/s10641-012-0065-7
  • Dolphin, Alexis; Dundas, Siv Hjorth; Košler, Jan; Tvinnereim, Helene Meyer; Geffen, Audrey J. 2012. A comparison of techniques for measuring the trace element content of human teeth: laser ablation ICP-MS versus solution ICP-MS of micromilled enamel. International Journal of Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry. 2: 189-195.

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