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Scientist profile

Andreas Lothe Opdahl


Semantic and Social Information Systems

Department of Information Science and Media Studies


Title: Professor

Phone: +47 55 58 41 40

Cellphone: +47 976 75 264 SMS


Visiting address: Fosswinckelsgt. 6

Room number: 609

My general research interest is modelling and analysis of information systems (IS) in an enterprise context. I am particularly interested in how models can be used to facilitate broad involvement in IS development and enterprise change projects, by including other stakeholder groups in addition to ICT experts and managers. For example, I have proposed and studied modelling notations for identifying safety and security threats to information systems, and I have investigated how organisations actually use process models in practice.

A related research interest is the semantics of IS and enterprise modelling notations. I am looking at how clearer definitions of notation semantics can contribute to making better models and to facilitate consistency checking and perhaps even automatic translation across different notations.

M.Eng. from the Norwegian Institute of Techology (1988), Ph.D. from the same place in 1992, both in computer science.

Areas of competence: Information systems (IS), IS research methods, enterprise modelling, process modelling, IS modelling, IS development, semantic technologies, semantic interoperability, web 3.0, ontologies, software development, requirements determination, security requirements, IS architecture, enterprise information architecture, data warehouses, social information systems, social web, web 2.0.

More information is available on my LinkedIn page.

Publications in Cristin

You will find even more publications in Google Scholar and at Research Gate (which also has full text of many of them).

I mostly give courses in semantic technologies, information systems, systems development, research methods and basic information technology. In these areas, I have supervised 6 Ph.D. candidates and around 50 Master students through to completion since 1990.

My ongoing and most recent research projects are:

  • Safety and security requirements: I participated in the NFR-funded ReqSec project (2008-2011), a collaboration with the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). For details, see the Misuse Case Wiki.
  • Unified Enterprise Modelling Language (UEML): I am involved in the development of a unified modelling language for enterprises and their information systems. This work started as part of the EU Network of Excellence Interop (2003-2007). For details on UEML, see the uemlwiki.
  • Mobile information systems for knowledge workers: I am involved in the NFR-funded Model-Driven Multi-Channel Mobile Work (M3W) project (2006-2010), also a collaboration with the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).
  • Process-modelling practice in Norway (PMP): I have been collaborating with the Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration and Agder University on studies of practical process modelling in Norway.

Other research interests are:

  • Semantic modelling (recent and ongoing)
  • Ontological analysis and evaluation of enterprise and IS modelling languages (since 1998)
  • Understanding IS and enterprise architecture (since 1994)

In the past, I have also carried out research on software performance evaluation (on which I did my Ph D) and several other areas.